The Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies

About the Minor

The Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies, housed within the College of Arts and Sciences, is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and understand the history, culture, politics, and religion of the Jewish people. Through interdisciplinary coursework and directed field study, students investigate the Jewish experience from both a contemporary and a historical perspective.

The Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies requires 24.0 credits: 11.0 from required courses, and 13.0 from electives. Students can apply a maximum of 6.0 credits toward the minor from field study under the supervision of the academic advisor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
JUDA 201Jewish Literature and Civilization *3.0
JUDA 202Jewish Life and Culture in the Middle Ages **4.0
JUDA 203Modern Jewish History 4.0
Minor electives13.0
Total Credits24.0

Courses offered as electives have included:

  • JUDA 211 American Jewish Experience
  • JUDA 212 [WI] Contemporary Jewish Life
  • JUDA 213 Jewish Cultural Tapestry
  • JUDA 214 Language and Cultural Diversity in the USA
  • JUDA 215 Reconstructing History After Genocide
  • JUDA 216 Yiddish Literature and Culture
  • JUDA 280 Special Topics in Judaic Studies
  • JUDA 298 Field Work in Judaic Studies
  • JUDA I299 Independent Study in Judaic Studies
  • ANTH 120 Biblical Archeology of Israel and Jordan
  • ANTH 380 Special Topics in Anthropology (When offered as Archeology of the Middle East)
  • HBRW 101 Introduction to Hebrew I
  • HBRW 102 Introduction to Hebrew II
  • HBRW 103 Introduction to Hebrew III
  • HBRW 201 Intermediate Hebrew IV
  • HBRW 202 Intermediate Hebrew V
  • HBRW 203 Intermediate Hebrew VI
  • ENGL 395 [WI]  Special Studies in Literature (When offered as Jewish Women in Literature and History)
  • ENGL 323 Literature and Other Arts (When offered as Holocaust Testimonies)
  • ENGL 345 American Ethnic Literature (When offered as Jewish American Writers)
  • ENGL 325 Topics as World Literature (When offered as Israeli Literature & Culture, or as Yiddish Literature & Culture)
  • LANG 180 Special Topics in Languages (When offered as Yiddish Language I)
  • LANG 180 Special Topics in Languages (When offered as Yiddish Language II)

Additional Information

For more information about the Louis Stein Minor in Judaic Studies, please contact:

Alexander Friedlander, PhD
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Interim Co-Director of Judaic Studies

Toni Pitock, PhD
Co-Director of Judaic Studies, Assistant Teaching Professor

The Judaic Studies Program offices are located in Room 331 of Hagerty Library.

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