Minor in Philosophy

About the Minor

A philosophy minor is a great way to add depth and breadth to your college education. Philosophy classes train you to be a critical thinker and a thoughtful, reflective person. They assist you in developing more careful reading skills and more effective writing and speaking skills. They also give you a lot of practice constructing and criticizing logical arguments. More than almost any other minor a philosophy minor will broaden and enhance your education and help you develop skills you will use in your career and also in everyday life. The minor requires a variety of classes including three "foundations" courses, an applied ethics course, a logic course, and one 400-level History of Philosophy seminar. Students may take a suitable PHIL T480 Special Topics, or PHIL 481 [WISeminar in a Philosophical School, or PHIL 485 [WISeminar in a Major Philosopher course as well as any of the the History of Philosophy seminars: PHIL 421 [WI] Ancient PhilosophyPHIL 431 [WI] Modern Philosophy, or PHIL 461 [WI] Contemporary Philosophy to fulfill this requirement.
Students who have completed 30.0 credits may apply for the philosophy minor by submitting the Application for Admission to Minor Program form, available online at the Drexel Central website. 
Required Courses
PHIL 101Introduction to Western Philosophy3.0
Select one of the following:3.0
Critical Reasoning
Symbolic Logic I
Select three Philosophy Foundations Electives:9.0
Symbolic Logic II
Metaphysics: Philosophy of Reality
Ancient Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Contemporary Philosophy
Epistemology: Philosophy of Knowledge
Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art
Social & Political Philosophy
Select one Philosophy Elective:3.0
Environmental Philosophy
Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Medicine
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy in Literature
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Religion
Select one Professional Ethics Elective:3.0
Business Ethics
Ethics and the Media
Ethics and Information Technology
Engineering Ethics
Ethics and Design Professions
Biomedical Ethics
Ethics of Human Enhancement
Organizational Ethics
Ethics in Sports Management
Criminal Justice Ethics
Global Ethical Issues
Environmental Ethics
Select one Philosophy Seminar Elective:3.0
Seminar in Ancient Philosophy
Seminar in Modern Philosophy
Seminar in Contemporary Philosophy
Total Credits24.0
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