Minor in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics

About the Minor

Any undergraduate student in good standing who has completed more than 30.0 credits at Drexel may apply for the minor in mechanical engineering. 

The minor must contain a minimum of 24.0 MEM credits according to the following distribution: (a) 16.0 credits from any four of the 4-credit required course options; (b) at least eight credits from additional required courses or from the laboratory components and recommended electives.

Required Course Options
Select four of the following:16.0
Fluid Mechanics I
Mechanics of Materials I
Introduction to Controls
Thermodynamic Analysis I
Heat Transfer
Performance Enhancement of Dynamic Systems
Engineering Reliability
Introduction to Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Select three of the following:8.0
Thermal Fluid Science Laboratory
Experimental Mechanics I
Dynamic Systems Laboratory I
Recommended Electives
Fluid Dynamics I
Mechanics of Materials II
Engineering Reliability
Thermodynamic Analysis II
Mechanics of Vibration
Aircraft Design & Performance
Advanced Stress Analysis
Manufacturing Process I
Manufacturing Process II
Thermal Systems Design
Aircraft Flight Dynamics & Control I
Introduction to Robotics
Micro-Based Control Systems I
Control Applications of DSP Microprocessors
Introduction to Engineering Management
Total Credits24.0
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