Minor in Robotics and Automation

About the Minor

Robotics and Automation Engineering has evolved around several engineering and technology fields such as electrical, mechanical, electro-mechanical, as well as electronics engineering. It merges the fundamental principles of electrical hardware and sensor usage with pneumatics, hydraulics, computer programming and instrumentation science, and related applications.

The Minor in Robotics and Automation (ROBT) introduces students to mechatronics engineering and prepares them for automation related careers in process control, manufacturing, computerized hardware/software integration, and sustainable automated systems. It allows students to engage in real life industrial processes related to automation in an industrial robotics laboratory setting.

Program Requirements

EET 201Circuit Analysis I4.0
EET 205Digital Electronics 4.0
EET 319PLC Fundamentals4.0
INDE 350Industrial Engineering Simulation3.0
MET 205Robotics and Mechatronics3.0
MET 209Fluid Power3.0
MET 310Advanced Robotics and Mechatronics3.0
Total Credits24.0
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