Minor in Systems Engineering

About the Minor

Systems engineering is a set of processes and tools used to guide the engineering of large scale systems. Unlike traditional engineering which may focus on very specific technical components, systems engineers focus on the entirety of a system to ensure it is run efficiently and effectively. The Minor will prepare undergraduate students for the current demands of industry and provide them with the opportunity to achieve a formal education in systems engineering.

The Minor in Systems Engineering is designed for students in the College of Engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering who are interested in the management of large, complex systems. It leads to careers in a wide range of industries, such as aerospace, communications, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.

The opportunity to pursue a minor in systems engineering will be offered to students who meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA
  • Upper Class students (sophomores, juniors, pre-juniors and seniors)
  • Student in the College of Engineering or the School of Biomedical Engineering
Core Requirements
CIVE 240 [WI] Engineering Economic Analysis3.0
EGMT 462Introduction to Engineering Management3.0
or MEM 462 Introduction to Engineering Management
EGMT 465Introduction to Systems Engineering3.0
INDE 362Operations Research for Engineering I3.0
SYSE 488Systems Engineering Analysis3.0
Complete 9 credits of courses from the following list9.0
Theory of Control
Systems and Control I
Industrial Engineering Simulation
Systems Analysis Methods I
Systems Analysis Methods II
Performance Enhancement of Dynamic Systems
Systems Engineering Design
Systems Architecture Development
Software Systems Engineering
Systems Integration and Test
Total Credits24.0
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