Minor in Health Services Administration

About the Minor

The minor in health services administration is designed for students interested in preparing for careers in health services administration while pursing a major in another area. In addition, the curriculum can prepare students wishing to pursue graduate studies in health-services administration, business administration, public health, and law.

Required Courses
HSAD 210Health-Care Ethics I3.0
HSAD 310Introduction to Health-Systems Administration3.0
HSAD 334Management of Health Services3.0
Complete 1 of the following courses:3.0
Financial Management in Health Care
Leadership in Health Services Administration
Ethics in Health Care Management
Complete 4 of the following courses:12.0
Advanced Health-Care Ethics
Development of World Health Care
Evolution of Health Care in the United States
Interdisciplinary Health Services
Health Care across Cultures
Religious Views on Health Care
Health and Vulnerable Populations
Women and the Health Professions
Managed Health Care
Introduction to Long-Term Care Administration
Health Technology and Ethical Responsibility
Issues in the Health Care System
Holism and Health Care
Health Care for Diverse Groups
Health Care and the Media
Urban Health Care
Health Care/Quality Improvement
Risk Management in Healthcare Organizations
Children and Health Care
Health and Illness in Film
Mental Illness in the Media and Arts
Ethical Issues in Reproduction
Public Health Ethics
Total Credits24.0
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