Minor in Global Public Health

About the Minor

The Global Health minor is intended to complement any academic major offered at Drexel and to provide students with basic knowledge about global public health as well as the necessary skills and experience to begin to build their own unique global health career.

The minor will be open to all undergraduate students in all schools and colleges, and is designed around three specific educational objectives for students: to learn more about the problems of global public health in a classroom setting, to experience the issues in global health firsthand in a field setting, and to be exposed to the variety of careers available in global public health by working with faculty, professional staff, and graduate students who are currently engaged in the field.

Upon completion of the Global Health Minor, students are able to:

1. Analyze global health problems, issues and controversies using multiple disciplinary perspectives and conceptual frameworks,
2. Integrate knowledge from academic study and experiential learning toward being active and informed citizens in a global community,
3. Demonstrate the capacity to critically reflect on one's own values, ethics, assumptions and actions in the context of cultures, collaborations and institutions; and
4. Demonstrate the capacity to collaborate across differences (e.g. cultural, social, personal, economic, values, religious).

Requirements for admission

  • Undergraduate students with at least 30 credits
  • Undergraduate students in good academic standing

Please note: PBHL 101 is a prerequisite for all required PBHL courses in this minor.

It is strongly suggested that students in this minor participate in a field experience which can include an elective course or co-op. 

Required courses:
PBHL 301Epidemiology in Public Health3.0
PBHL 303Overview of Issues in Global Health3.0
PBHL 304Introduction to Health & Human Rights3.0
PBHL 317The World's Water3.0
Elective Courses: take 12 credits of the following:12.0
Global Journalism
Economic Development
Exploring the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
Disease Outbreak Investigations
Global Ethical Issues
Women & Human Rights Worldwide
Women and Society in a Global Context
Total Credits24.0

Additional Information

For more information about this program, please contact:

Erin Durkin, M.S.
Senior Academic Advisor

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