Minor in Public Health

The Drexel University School of Public Health trains new leaders to tackle society's current and future health challenges. The Public Health minor is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the field's diversity. Reflecting the interdisciplinary approach of the School, students are required to take courses originating from various public health core disciplines, which include: epidemiology; community health and prevention; environmental and occupational health; and health management and policy.

This minor will be a relevant course of study for students pursuing pre-med, pre-law, biology and business curricula as well as students interested in population-based applications of psychology, sociology and communications theory. Completion of the minor will provide students with an exposure to the breadth and depth of topics within public health, population-level challenges and solutions, as well as possible career options.

Additional Information

For more information about this program, please contact the Program Director:
Jennifer Breaux, DrPH, MPH
Director, Undergraduate Public Health Education
Drexel University School of Public Health

Required Courses
PBHL 301Epidemiology in Public Health3.0
PBHL 302Introduction to the History of Public Health3.0
PBHL 303Overview of Issues in Global Health3.0
PBHL 304Introduction to Health & Human Rights3.0
Elective Choices
Select four of the following courses:12.0
Women and Children: Health & Society
Injury Prevention and Control
Burden of Disease
Drugs, Society, and Public Health
Violence and Trauma in Public Health
Sociology of the Environment
International Human Rights
Topics in Public Policy
Critical Psychology
Race and Ethnic Relations
Sociology of Health
Women's Health & Human Rights
Biology of Cancer
Economics of Health Care Systems
Environmental Justice
Environmental Health
Biomedical Ethics
Health Psychology
Wealth and Power
Issues in Domestic Violence
Total Credits24.0





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