Graduate Minor in Communication, Culture and Media

About the Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Communication, Culture & Media (CCM) is a great choice for academically oriented students who wish to learn the basics of research and theory in communication and media studies, possibly to test the waters for further study, or to explore a personal fascination with mass media, mediated communication, cultural studies, social change and media. The CCM program also encourages interdisciplinary approaches to the study of communication and media through faculty strengths in anthropology, communication, linguistics and sociology.

Admission Requirements

Must be enrolled in a Drexel University graduate program.

Program Requirements

Choose one of the following courses:3.0
Contemporary Social Theory
Communication Theory I: Persuasion and Media Effects
Communication Theory II: Discourse and Semiotics
Research Methods in Communication, Culture and Media
Data Analysis in Communication
Electives *9.0
Total Credits12.0

Any three 3.0-credit graduate courses in Communication, Culture and Media (CCM)

Additional Information

For more information or to schedule an appointment, students should contact the Communication, Culture, and Media academic advisor and program coordinator:

Nicole Pearson
Phone: 215.895.2524 | Office: 3201 Arch Street, 151

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