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By pursuing excellence in research and scholarship, we train our graduate students to become ethical professionals with expertise in particular areas of inquiry and an appreciation for the fundamental interactions among disciplines in a fast-changing, challenging, and diverse world.

Graduate Programs

Drexel University's College of Arts and Sciences recognizes that our ever-evolving, fast-paced world requires a new approach to graduate education, one that understands that change begins with minds inspired to lead. Innovation requires more than ambition—it requires versatility. Our graduate programs train students to be not only experts in their chosen fields, but also agile enough to engage in the cross-disciplinary work needed to address modern problems on a global scale. Our faculty members challenge students to see past their own perspectives and establish a deeper understanding of humanity's needs. Students partner with faculty mentors for cutting-edge research, scholarship, and creative work that affects the world now. Internships and co-op programs insert students within a professional culture, offering hands-on practical training and application of coursework to the real world. 

English Language Center

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel’s English Language Center offers an accredited intensive English program throughout the year. In addition to classes in academic skills such as essay writing and oral presentations, the Center offers the language of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Language of Media and Design, Global Business English program (GLOBE), English for academic purposes, TOEFL and IELTS preparation, ESL Teaching enhancement programs, and other subjects. 

Graduate Preparation and Resources

Many graduate students begin their studies at Drexel in the English Language Center and the Drexel Graduate Preparation (GradPrep) summer program for a rigorous and supportive environment to develop or enhance their academic English language knowledge and skills. International teaching assistants are oriented through a summer course in the language, culture, and pedagogy of the US classroom. All Drexel international students have access to tutoring and other academic skills workshops throughout the academic year.

Some graduate programs within the College of Arts and Sciences may accept students who are academically admissible but need further English language study and refer them to the GradPrep program. Please contact Graduate Admissions to find out if your desired program of study accepts GradPrep.

Additional Information

For more information, see the ELC website or contact the Center at:

English Language Center
229 N. 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-895-2022
Fax: 215-895-6775

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