Graduate Minor in Change Leadership & Strategy

About the Graduate Minor

The Change Leadership and Strategy graduate minor will enable students to develop knowledge and skills in order to drive change in a variety of organizational and team based settings. The minor builds from courses to enable an understanding of both change generation as well as change execution. Students will learn applicable skills that cover both strategic management such as strategic thinking, managing innovation, and forecasting technological change as well as organizational behavior such as vision, communication, and motivation. This knowledge will engender a breadth and depth of practical skills that are directly relevant for leading change in a variety of organizations.

Admission Requirements

Open to any student enrolled in a graduate degree program.

Additional Information

For more information please contact our Graduate Student Services department at

Program Requirements

MGMT 600Introduction to Change Management: An Integration of Macro and Micro Perspectives3.0
MGMT 604Strategic Change Management3.0
MGMT 690Change Management Experiential Capstone3.0
ORGB 602Leading and Executing Change3.0
Total Credits12.0