Graduate Minor in Computer Science

About the Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Computer Science trains current Drexel graduate students either in an MS or a PhD program of their home departments (other than the Computer Science Department) to obtain fundamental computer science knowledge as well as an introduction to advanced topics in computer science that will be suitable for their own graduate studies. The aim is to provide a systematic and efficient education to Drexel graduate students interested in expanding their studies through integration of computing including, but not limited to, rigorous algorithmic thinking and effective computational implementation without any prerequisites on computer science knowledge.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses
CS 501Introduction to Programming3.0
CS 502Data Structures and Algorithms3.0
CS 503Systems Basics3.0
CS 504Introduction to Software Design3.0
Elective Courses3.0
Complete 1 course selected from the Master of Science in Computer Science Core Requirements.
Data Structures and Algorithms I (Core Candidate)
Theory of Computation (Core Candidate)
Intelligent Systems
Fundamentals of Databases (Core Candidate)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Core Candidate)
Programming Systems
Programming Languages (Core Candidate)
Software Design (Core Candidate)
Computer Systems
Operating Systems (Core Candidate)
Computer Networks (Core Candidate)
Vision and Graphics
Computer Graphics (Core Candidate)
Introduction to Computer Vision (Core Candidate)
Developing User Interfaces (Core Candidate)
High Performance Computing (Core Candidate)
Total Credits15.0

Additional Information

For more information, please visit the College of Computing & Informatics website. 

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