College of Computing & Informatics

At Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI), you’ll experience ingenuity at work – and a fierce intensity to invent the best future through technology.

From our position on the leading edge of information and technology, Drexel CCI instills the knowledge and skills necessary for our students to lead and innovate across industries in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Building on Drexel University’s exceptional foundation of entrepreneurship and cooperative education, we provide unparalleled professional experiences and on-the-job training that is vital to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. At CCI, our unique structure bringing computing and informatics together under one roof in a dynamic, collaborative college allows us to spot trends before they emerge, to solve problems before they occur, and to build a better tomorrow starting today.

The College contributes to theory and practice along dimensions that include technical, human, organizational, policy, and societal considerations. This broad perspective positions the College to address the complex, multi-disciplinary problems that are increasingly common as society becomes more dependent on information technology.

The College's academic programs provide broad and deep coverage of computing and informatics. For more information about the College, please visit the College’s website

College of Computing & Informatics Faculty

Denise E. Agosto, PhD (Rutgers University) Director of the MS in Information Program. Professor. Youth information behaviors, public libraries, multicultural issues in youth library services, and qualitative research methods.
Adelaida Alban Medlock, MS (Drexel University) Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs, Computer Science. Teaching Professor. Introductory programming, computer science education
Yuan An, PhD (University of Toronto, Canada) Director of International Programs. Associate Professor. Conceptual modeling, schema and ontology mapping, information integration, knowledge representation, requirements engineering, healthcare information systems, semantic web.
Ram Arthanari, PhD (Temple University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Knowledge Management, Digital Transformation, Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Cloud Computing, AI
Ellen Bass, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology) Interim Senior Associate Dean for Research. Professor. Characterizing human judgement and decision making, modeling human judgement when supported by information automation, computational models of human-human and human-automation coordination, design and evaluation of interventions to improve human judgement and decision making.
Mark Boady, PhD (Drexel University). Associate Teaching Professor. Computer Algebra, complex symbolic calculations, automation of computation problems
David E. Breen, PhD (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs, Computer Science. Professor. Computer-aided design, biomedical image informatics, geometric modeling and self-organization algorithms.
Matthew Burlick, PhD (Stevens Institute of Technology). Associate Teaching Professor. Image processing, machine learning, real-time video tracking, object detection and classification, statistics/probability, and acoustics
Yuanfang Cai, PhD (University of Virginia). Professor. Formal software design modeling and analysis, software economics, software evolution and modularity.
Andrew Calhoun, MS (American Military University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Social engineering, ethical hacking, information assurance, business continuity & disaster recovery planning, Computer forensics, and Computer security
Christopher Carroll, MS (Drexel University) BSCST Program Director. Teaching Professor. Information technology within healthcare companies, computer networking and design, IT infrastructure, server technology, information security, virtualization and cloud computing.
Preetha Chatterjee, PhD (University of Delaware). Assistant Professor. Software engineering, data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning.
Chaomei Chen, PhD (University of Liverpool). Professor. Information visualization, visual analytics, knowledge domain visualization, network analysis and modeling, scientific discovery, science mapping, scientometrics, citation analysis, human-computer interaction.
Michael Chu, MSE (University of Pennsylvania). Associate Teaching Professor. System, server, computer networking and design; IT infrastructure; information technology management and security; Web system programming; database and mobile application development.
Michael S. Cordano, MS (Wilmington University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Cyber philosophy, operational technology, cybersecurity and digital transformation.
Yi Deng, PhD (University of Pittsburgh) Dean and Issac L. Auerbach Professor. Computing and informatics
Trip Denton, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Computer Science
Michael Ekstrand, PhD (University of Minnesota). Assistant Professor. Recommender systems, information retrieval, algorithmic fairness, social impact of technology, AI ethics.
Andrea Forte, PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology) Department Head Information Sciences. Associate Professor. Social computing, human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-supported collaborative learning, information literacy.
Vasilis Gkatzelis, PhD (New York University). Associate Professor. Algorithmic mechanism design, multiagent resource allocation, approximation, algorithms.
Colin Gordon, PhD (University of Washington). Associate Professor. Software reliability, program behavior, concurrent and systems-level code, formal assurance, programming models, distributed computing, and testing
Tim Gorichanaz, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Human information behavior, human-centered computing, neo-documentation studies, and information ethics.
Jane Greenberg, PhD (University of Pittsburgh) Alice B. Kroeger Professor and Director Metadata Research Center. Metadata, ontological engineering, data science, knowledge organization, information retrieval
Peter Grillo, PhD (Temple University). Teaching Professor. Software economics, Project management, strategic applications of technology within organizations.
Sean Grimes, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Swarm intelligence, biologically inspired AI, multi-agent systems, software system design.
Thomas Heverin, PhD (Drexel University) Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Affairs, Information Science. Associate Teaching Professor. Computer security, ethical hacking, computer forensics, network forensics, cloud security and cybersecurity.
Gregory W. Hislop, PhD (Drexel University). Professor. Information technology for teaching and learning, online education, structure and organization of the information disciplines, computing education research, software evaluation and characterization.
Xiaohua Tony Hu, PhD (University of Regina, Canada). Professor. Data mining, text mining, Web searching and mining, information retrieval, bioinformatics, and healthcare informatics.
Jina Huh-Yoo, PhD (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor). Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction, human-centered design, health informatics, mobile and wireless health, social computing.
Shahin Jabbari, PhD (University of Pennsylvania). Assistant Professor. Algorithmic fairness, game theory, and artificial intelligence for social good.
Jeremy R. Johnson, PhD (Ohio State University) Department Head, Computer Science. Professor. Computer algebra; parallel computations; algebraic algorithms; scientific computing.
Constantine Katsinis, PhD (University of Rhode Island). Teaching Professor. High-performance computer networks, parallel computer architectures with sustained teraflops performance, computer security, image processing.
Weimao Ke, PhD (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs, Information Science. Associate Professor. Information retrieval, distributed systems, intelligent filtering/recommendation, information visualization, network science, complex systems, machine learning, text/data mining, multi-agent systems, the notion of information.
Mat Kelly, PhD (Old Dominion University). Assistant Professor. Information retrieval, Web archives, metadata, digital humanities, archival privacy
Ehsan B. Khosroshahi, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Computational cognitive modeling, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis.
Edward Kim, PhD (Lehigh University). Associate Professor. Computer vision, Sparse coding, neuromorphic computing, medical image processing, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, game development
Xia Lin, PhD (University of Maryland at College Park). Professor. Digital libraries, information visualization, visual interface design, knowledge mapping, human-computer interaction, information retrieval, information architecture, informetrics, information-seeking behaviors in digital environments.
Galen Long, MS (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Computer Science.
Spiros Mancoridis, PhD (University of Toronto) The Auerbach Berger Chair in Cybersecurity Distinguished Professor of Computer Science. Professor. Software engineering; software security; code analysis; evolutionary computation.
Brian Mitchell, PhD (Drexel University). Teaching Professor. Software engineering, software architecture, systems, cloud native computing.
Daniel Moix, MS (Arkansas State University). Associate Teaching Professor. Computer science education.
Reza Moradinezhad, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Generative AI, human-AI trust, ethical AI.
Danuta A. Nitecki, PhD (University of Maryland at College Park) Dean of Libraries. Professor. Library metrics and use in management, library as place, and academic library service models.
Krzysztof Nowak, PhD (Washington University). Associate Teaching Professor. Fourier analysis, partial differential equations, image processing, wavelets, asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues, numerical methods and algorithms, computer science education.
Santiago Ontañón, PhD (University of Barcelona). Associate Professor. Game AI, computer games, artificial intelligence, machine learning, case-based reasoning
Yusuf Osmanlioglu, PhD (Drexel University ). Assistant Teaching Professor. Graph theory and algorithms, brain network analysis, optimization, computer vision, natural language processing.
Jung-ran Park, PhD (University of Hawaii at Manoa). Associate Professor. Knowledge organization and representation, metadata, computer-mediated communication, cross-cultural communication, multilingual information access, discourse and pragmatics.
Chad Peiper, PhD (University of Ilinois). Associate Teaching Professor. Cloud computing, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, data privacy, decentralization.
Tammy Pirmann, Ed D (Gwynedd Mercy University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Introductory programming, object-oriented programming, game design, mobile computing, computer science education, computer science educator pipeline
Alex Poole, PhD (University of North Carolina). Associate Professor. Digital curation, archives and records management, digital humanities, and diversity, inclusivity, and equity.
Emmanouil Pountourakis, PhD (Northwestern University). Assistant Professor. Algorithmic game theory, algorithmic mechanism design, algorithmic aspects of behavioral economics, game theory and learning, computational and game theoretic aspects of energy grids.
Afsaneh Razi, PhD (University of Central Florida). Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction, social computing, human-centered AI, privacy, ethics, online safety, language processing.
Shadi Reszpour, PhD (University of Ilinois). Assistant Professor. Computational social science, natural language processing, network analysis, human-centered data science, computational linguistics.
Michelle L. Rogers, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Directotr, Women in Tech Initiative. Associate Professor. Human-computer interaction, healthcare informatics, human factors engineering, socio-technical systems, health services research, patient safety.
Jeffrey Salvage, MS (Drexel University). Teaching Professor. Object-oriented programming, multi-agent systems, software engineering, database theory, introductory programming, data structures.
Dario Salvucci, PhD (Carnegie Mellon University). Professor. Human computer interaction, cognitive science, machine learning, applications for driving.
Aleksandra Sarcevic, PhD (Rutgers University). Associate Professor. Computer-supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, and healthcare informatics.
Kurt Schmidt, MS (Drexel University). Associate Teaching Professor. Data structures, math foundations for computer science, programming tools, programming languages.
John Seberger, PhD (University of California, Irvine). Assistant Professor. Human-computer interaction, human-centered computing, social informatics, privacy.
Bhupesh Shetty, PhD (University of Iowa). Assistant Teaching Professor. Process pattern mining, data mining, operations management, sports analytics, information systems, and machine learning applications.
Ali Shokoufandeh, PhD (Rutgers University) Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Operations. Professor. Theory of algorithms, graph theory, combinational optimization, computer vision.
Naomi Sirkin, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Professor. Foundations of cryptography.
Il-Yeol Song, PhD (Louisiana State University). Professor. Conceptual modeling, ontology and patterns, data warehouse and OLAP, object-oriented analysis and design with UML, medical and bioinformatics data modeling & integration.
Brian Stuart, PhD (Purdue University). Associate Teaching Professor. Machine learning, networking, robotics, image processing, simulation, interpreters, data storage, operating systems, computer science, data communications, distributed/operating systems, accelerated computer programming, computer graphics.
Nadia Sultanik, MS (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Computer Science
Eric Sun, PhD (Arizona State University). Assistant Professor. Computer security and privacy.
Michelle Tarbutton, MS (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Cybersecurity, computer forensics, memory forensics, cyberterrorism.
Hegler Tissot, PhD (Universidade Federal do Parana). Assistant Teaching Professor. Knowledge representation and reasoning, machine learning, natural language processing, ontologies, pattern recognition, statistical analysis, and information extraction, health informatics.
Milad Toutounchian, PhD (Simon Fraser University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Data science, applied machine learning and deep learning.
Boris Valerstein, MS (Pennsylvania State University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Computer science.
Dimitra Vista, PhD (University of Toronto). Teaching Professor. Database systems.
Filippos Vokolos, PhD (Polytechnic University). Associate Teaching Professor. System architecture, principles of software design and construction, foundations of software engineering, software verification & validation, software design, programming languages, dependable software systems.
Lei Wang, PhD (Drexel University). Assistant Teaching Professor. Biomedical data science, machine learning, deep learning, neuroimaging processing & analytics, natural language processing, simulation modeling.
Rosina Weber, PhD (Federal University of Santa Catarina in a “sandwich” program with University of South Florida). Associate Professor. Case-based reasoning, explainable artificial intelligence, machine learning, textual analytics, natural language understanding, language models, recommender systems, technological aspects of knowledge management, project management, and requirements engineering.
Jake Williams, PhD (University of Vermont). Associate Professor. Data science, scientific programming, computational social science, computational linguistics and natural language processing, mathematics, machine learning, algorithms, and scalability.
Kaidi Xu, PhD (Northeastern University). Assistant Professor. AI security, explainable artificial intelligence, optimization.
Erija Yan, PhD (Indiana University Bloomington). Associate Professor. Network Science, information analysis and retrieval, scholarly communication methods and applications.
Christopher C. Yang, PhD (University of Arizona). Professor. Web search and mining, security informatics, knowledge management, social media analytics, cross-lingual information retrieval, text summarization, multimedia retrieval, information visualization, information sharing and privacy, artificial intelligence, digital library, and electronic commerce.
Yue Zhang, PhD (Jinan University). Assistant Professor. IoT Security, Mobile Security, Program Analysis

Emeritus Faculty

Michael E. Atwood, PhD (University of Colorado). Professor Emeritus. Human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, organizational memory.
Bruce W. Char, PhD (University of California-Berkeley). Professor Emeritus. Symbolic mathematical computation, algorithms and systems for computer algebra, problem-solving environments parallel and distributed computation.
Thomas A. Childers, PhD (Rutgers University). Professor Emeritus. Measurement, evaluation, and planning of information and library services, the effectiveness of information organizations.
David E. Fenske, PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison). Dean Emeritus and Professor. Digital libraries, informatics, knowledge management and information technologies.
Susan Gasson, PhD (University of Warwick). Associate Professor. The co-design of business and IT-systems, distributed cognition & knowledge management in boundary-spanning groups, human-centered design, social informatics, online learning communities, grounded theory.
John B. Hall, PhD (Florida State University). Professor Emeritus. Academic library service, library administration, organization of materials.
Katherine W. McCain, PhD (Drexel University). Professor Emeritus. Scholarly communication, information production and use in the research process, development and structure of scientific specialties, diffusion of innovation, bibliometrics, evaluation of information retrieval systems.
Carol Hansen Montgomery, PhD (Drexel University) Dean of Libraries Emeritus. Research Professor. Selection and use of electronic collections, evaluation of library and information systems, digital libraries, economics of libraries and digital collections.
Delia Neuman, PhD (The Ohio State University). Professor Emerita. Learning in information-rich environments, instructional systems design, the use of media for learning, and school library media.
Jeffrey L. Popyack, PhD (University of Virginia). Professor. Operations research, stochastic optimization, computational methods of Markov decision processes; artificial intelligence, computer science education.
Gerry Stahl, PhD (University of Colorado). Professor Emeritus. Human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-supported collaborative learning, theory of collaboration.
Howard D. White, PhD (University of California at Berkeley). Professor Emeritus. Literature information systems, bibliometrics, research methods, collection development, online searching.
Susan Wiedenbeck, PhD (University of Pittsburgh). Professor Emeritus. Human-computer interaction, end-user programming/end-user development, empirical studies of programmers, interface design and evaluation.
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