Biochemistry of Health & Disease PhD

Major: Biochemistry of Health and Disease
Degree Awarded: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Calendar Type: Semester
Minimum Required Credits: 121.0
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 26.0210
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code:

About the Program

The graduate program in Biochemistry of Health & Disease offers a challenging and broad-based curriculum of research and coursework leading to the PhD degree. The aim of the graduate program is to train the next generation of biomedical scientists in the theory and practice of biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology, in an environment of experiential learning that fosters new discoveries in biomedical research. Graduate students will be challenged to become independent and critical thinkers, and prepared for the demands of scientific careers in industry, academia and government. The themes of molecular structure, molecular mechanism and molecular regulation are recurrent throughout the diverse research areas represented by the program faculty.

This program is research intensive, with the ultimate goal of training students to become leaders of scientific research in academics and industry. Graduates are well-rounded, independent scientists qualified to pursue careers in research in universities, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and government. In addition, PhD scientists may choose future careers in college teaching, research administration, science policy or patent law.

Additional Information

For more information, visit the College of Medicine's Biochemistry of Health & Disease program website.

Admission Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses
BIOC 502SBiochemistry 1st Lab Rotation4.0
BIOC 503SBiochemistry 2nd Lab Rotation4.0
BIOC 504SBiochemistry 3rd Lab Rotation4.0
BIOC 506SBiochemistry Journal Club *9.0
BIOC 507SBiochemistry Seminar Series *9.0
BIOC 508SExperimental Approaches to Biochemical Problems3.0
BIOC 511SCommunication for Researchers2.0
BIOC 521SIntroduction to Biochemical Data2.0
BIOC 600SBiochemistry Thesis Research **63.0
IDPT 500SResponsible Conduct of Research2.0
IDPT 502SLearn Early As Professionals I (LEAP I)1.0
IDPT 504SLearn Early and Practice (LEAP II)1.0
IDPT 533SCore Principles in Biochemistry & Cell Biology4.0
IDPT 600SThesis Defense9.0
MCBG 515STechniques in Molecular & Cell Biology & Genetics2.0
Advanced Electives2.0
Select at least one Advanced Elective for a minimum of 2.0 credits.
Biotechnology Practicum I
Biotechnology Practicum II
Macromolecular Structure & Function
Biochemistry of Drug Discovery & Design
Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Cancer Biology
Advanced Cancer Biology
Advanced Cell Biology
Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis
Special Topics in Virology
Advanced Molecular Biology
Graduate Neuroscience II
Graduate Physiology
Graduate Pharmacology
Drug Discovery and Development I
General Electives
Teaching Practicum I
Teaching Practicum II
Teaching Practicum III
Total Credits121.0

 Taken each semester with the exception of the last, when only Thesis Defense is taken.


 Taken each semester starting in Year 2, with the exception of the last semester when only Thesis Defense is taken.

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
BIOC 502S4.0BIOC 503S4.0
BIOC 506S1.0BIOC 504S4.0
BIOC 507S1.0BIOC 506S1.0
IDPT 502S1.0BIOC 507S1.0
IDPT 533S4.0BIOC 521S2.0
MCBG 515S2.0IDPT 500S2.0
 IDPT 504S1.0
 13 15
Second Year
BIOC 506S1.0BIOC 506S1.0
BIOC 507S1.0BIOC 507S1.0
BIOC 508S3.0BIOC 511S2.0
BIOC 600S9.0BIOC 600S9.0
 Advanced Elective2.0
 14 15
Third Year
BIOC 506S1.0BIOC 506S1.0
BIOC 507S1.0BIOC 507S1.0
BIOC 600S9.0BIOC 600S9.0
 11 11
Fourth Year
BIOC 506S1.0BIOC 506S1.0
BIOC 507S1.0BIOC 507S1.0
BIOC 600S9.0BIOC 600S9.0
 11 11
Fifth Year
BIOC 506S1.0IDPT 600S9.0
BIOC 507S1.0 
BIOC 600S9.0 
 11 9
Total Credits 121
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