Graduate Minor in Economics

About the Graduate Minor

Economics addresses how resources and capabilities can be utilized to provide goods and services to society. As such, the study of economics will be valuable to any student whose area of study involves decision making, resource allocation or social welfare. The graduate minor in Economics gives students a foundation in economic theory that can be applied to areas such as finance, marketing, public policy, public health, law, business, or medicine. After taking one course that provides training in core microeconomic theory, students can choose from a variety of courses that cover other areas such as macroeconomics, international trade, game theory, or public finance.

Program Requirements

ECON 601Managerial Economics3.0
Select three of the following additional courses9.0
Essentials of Economics
Mathematical Economics
Time Series Econometrics
Public Finance and Cost Benefit Analysis
Business, Government, and Global Macroeconomics
International Economics
International Macroeconomics
History of Economic Analysis
Applied Industrial Analysis
Trade Policy: Theory and Evidence
Business & Economic Strategy: Game Theory & Applications
Health Economics
Economic Analysis of Health Systems
Economics Seminar
Total Credits12.0
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