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ECON 610 Microeconomics 3.0 Credits

This course develops microeconomic theory with advanced mathematical tools. It covers models of consumer behavior and individual decision making including responses to price and income changes, choice over time, and choice under uncertainty. Students will also learn how technology and cost affect firm decisions, and how consumer and producer behavior interact to determine prices in competitive markets. The course includes applications of microeconomic theory to policy making.

College/Department: LeBow College of Business
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Physical Therapy DPT / Business Administration MBA

...ACCT), Statistics (STAT), Economics (ECON), Finance (FIN), General...648 3.0 PTRS 610 3.0 PTRS...

Graduate Minor in Health Economics

...strongly encouraged to include ECON 601 Managerial Economics or ECON 610 Microeconomics as one of...

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