Physical Therapy DPT / Business Administration MBA

Major: Physical Therapy and Business Administration
Degrees Awarded: Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Minimum Required Credits: 163.0
Co-op Option: None
DPT Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 51.2308
DPT Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 29-1123

MBA Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 51.0201
MBA Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 11-1021

About the Program

This dual degree program allows individual who are interested in the business aspects of health care including hospital and practice management to obtain a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Masters of Business Administration degrees in 3.5 years. Graduates will be competent and compassionate health professionals who have expertise in the rehabilitation of individuals across the life span with an understanding of business principles like, but not limited to, leadership, finance, marketing, and organizational management. Combining these two content areas helps to develop health care professions who can function well in private practice or administrative functions in organizations. This program will help develop leaders in health care who are ready to manage the business of the industry.

Admission Requirements 

The same admission requirements for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and the Masters of Business Administration apply to this program. The GRE required for the DPT may be a substitute for the GMAT.

Degree Requirements 

Physical Therapy Courses
PTRS 507Neuroscience I3.0
PTRS 508Neuroscience II2.0
PTRS 530Kinesiology I4.0
PTRS 531Kinesiology II3.0
PTRS 532Human Gross Anatomy I4.0
PTRS 533Human Gross Anatomy II4.0
PTRS 534Physical Therapy Exam & Intervention I3.0
PTRS 535Physical Therapy Exam & Intervention II3.0
PTRS 539Topics in Pathophysiology I2.0
PTRS 540Topics in Pathophysiology II4.0
PTRS 600Clinical Reasoning4.0
PTRS 610Issues in Pharmacotherapy3.0
PTRS 613Integrated Clinical Experience I0.5
PTRS 614Integrated Clinical Experience II0.5
PTRS 615Integrated Clinical Experience III0.5
PTRS 616Integrated Clinical Experience IV0.5
PTRS 620Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Upper Extremity4.0
PTRS 621Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Lower Extremity4.0
PTRS 622Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Spine4.0
PTRS 623Physical Agents3.0
PTRS 624Functional Mobility3.0
PTRS 627Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy I4.0
PTRS 630Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy II3.0
PTRS 639Motor Learning2.0
PTRS 641Neurological Exam and Intervention I4.0
PTRS 642Neurological Exam and Intervention II5.0
PTRS 644Integumentary Physical Therapy1.5
PTRS 648Prosthetics and Orthotics3.0
PTRS 649Culture, Ethics and Interprofessionalism in Healthcare2.5
PTRS 654Topics in Health Policy & Services3.0
PTRS 655Health Administration2.5
PTRS 656Motor Control and Rehabilitation2.0
PTRS 663Pediatric Physical Therapy I3.5
PTRS 665Pediatric Physical Therapy II3.5
PTRS 680Geriatric Physical Therapy3.0
PTRS 733Advanced Clinical Reasoning2.0
PTRS 751Evidence-Based Practice3.0
PTRS 752Research and Measurement in Physical Therapy2.0
PTRS 791Clinical Experience I4.5
PTRS 792Terminal Clinical Experience II4.5
PTRS 793Terminal Clinical Experience III4.5
Business Administration Courses
ACCT 510Essentials of Financial Reporting2.0
BLAW 510Analyzing Legal Options in Decision-Making2.0
BSAN 601Business Analytics for Managers3.0
ECON 601Managerial Economics3.0
FIN 601Corporate Financial Management3.0
MGMT 520Strategy Analysis2.0
MGMT 530Managing and Leading the Total Enterprise2.0
MGMT 770MBA Capstone2.0
MKTG 510Marketing Strategy2.0
ORGB 511Leading in Dynamic Environments: A Personal, Relational, and Strategic Approach3.0
POM 510Operations and Supply Chain Management2.0
Business Administration Electives *12.0
Experiential Electives **3.0
Total Credits163.0

Business Administration Electives: A concentration of 9.0 credits is required - see the information in the catalog for BUSN-MBAAccounting (ACCT), Statistics (STAT), Economics (ECON), Finance (FIN), General Business (BUSN), International Business (INTB), Legal Studies (BLAW), Management (MGMT), Management Information Systems (MIS), Marketing (MKTG), Operations Management (OPM), Operations Research (OPR), Organizational Behavior (ORGB), Production Operations Management (POM), Sport Management (SMT) or Taxation (TAX), with course number range between 600-799.


BUSN 615INTB 790MGMT 680MGMT 715MIS 652,ORGB 640,TAX 715

Other Advisor approved options

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
PTRS 5304.0PTRS 5313.0PTRS 5073.0PTRS 5082.0
PTRS 5324.0PTRS 5334.0PTRS 6150.5PTRS 6160.5
PTRS 5343.0PTRS 5353.0PTRS 6204.0PTRS 6214.0
PTRS 6004.0PTRS 5392.0PTRS 6233.0PTRS 6274.0
PTRS 6130.5PTRS 6140.5PTRS 6243.0PTRS 6414.0
 PTRS 7513.0PTRS 6392.0PTRS 7522.0
 15.5 15.5 15.5 16.5
Second Year
ACCT 5102.0BLAW 5102.0ECON 6013.0MGMT 7702.0
MKTG 5102.0BSAN 6013.0MGMT 5202.0Experiential Elective**3.0
MGMT 5302.0FIN 6013.0Electives*6.0Electives*3.0
ORGB 5113.0Electives*3.0  
POM 5102.0   
 11 11 11 8
Third Year
PTRS 6224.0PTRS 7914.5PTRS 5404.0PTRS 6653.5
PTRS 6303.0 PTRS 6633.5PTRS 7332.0
PTRS 6483.0 PTRS 6103.0PTRS 6803.0
PTRS 6441.5 PTRS 6425.0PTRS 6543.0
PTRS 6492.5  PTRS 6552.5
PTRS 6562.0   
 16 4.5 15.5 14
Fourth Year
PTRS 7924.5PTRS 7934.5  
 4.5 4.5  
Total Credits 163
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