Undergraduate STEM Education Graduate Minor

About the Graduate Minor

The graduate minor in Undergraduate STEM Education supports the professional development of graduate students from STEM disciplines. This program prepares STEM graduate students to implement evidence-based pedagogies that have been demonstrated to be effective for teaching undergraduate STEM courses. This interdisciplinary program provides a mechanism to allow doctoral students from a STEM discipline to learn about pedagogical approaches appropriate for teaching STEM undergraduates, and research, assessment and evaluation of STEM programs. Such skills, experiences and competencies will both diversify the career prospects of these graduate students as well as position them to participate more fully in programs with STEM Education and/or outreach as their “broader impact.”

Admission Requirements

All students enrolled in full time doctoral programs are eligible. Students must obtain prior approval of their program director.

Program Requirements

ISTM 511Foundations in Evidence-Based STEM Pedagogy 3.0
ISTM 512Advanced Undergraduate STEM Pedagogical Techniques 3.0
ISTM 513Improving STEM Education Through Research3.0
ISTM 514STEM Program Evaluation and Assessment3.0
Total Credits12.0
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