Graduate Minor in Law

About the Graduate Minor

*Note: This program is now being offered on the quarter schedule only.  Please refer to the Graduate Law Minor- Quarter Calendar program.

A graduate minor in Law allows students from other academic units to benefit from education around legal regulation of healthcare, pharma/med device development, the practice of medicine, and other legal areas of interest.

Admission Requirements

3.0 cumulative GPA

Additional Information

More information about the Thomas R. Kline School of Law is available on the school's website.

Program Requirements

LSTU 500SIntroduction to the Legal System3.0
Electives* (select two):6.0
European Union Data Privacy and Protection
Legal Regulation of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Research and Development
Legal Regulation of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales and Marketing Practices
Food and Drug Law
Compliance Skills: Auditing, Investigation & Reporting
Health Care Rules and Regulations
Health Care Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management
Patients and Privacy: HIPAA and Related Regulations
Information Privacy Law
The Law and Strategies Surrounding Cybersecurity
Compliance Communications
Total Credits9.0

Depending upon a student's particular graduate program, other relevant Kline courses may be made available, as appropriate, toward completion of the Graduate Minor.