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BIO 142 SEA-PHAGES I 2.0 Credits

Drexel University is one of over 100 institutions associated with the Science Education Alliance – Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science (SEA-PHAGES) program funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). This means that in the Honors section of Introductory Biology, we have a new scientific discovery-driven research based lab component to discover and analyze new bacteriophage viruses. There are approximately 1031 bacteriophages in the world and we can help understand their evolution, their diversity, and their functional roles (medical, environmental, ecological) through contributing the data on the phage we discover to this growing database. This laboratory course is part of a sequence of three introductory courses.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit