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EDEX 368 [WI] Literacy and Content Skill Development PK-12 3.0 Credits

The focus of this course is literacy skill development of students at-risk for reading disabilities and those students currently identified with reading disabilities. The course will teach a variety of instructional interventions and strategies for improving student decoding, encoding and comprehension in the content areas. The course will also focus on improving vocabulary, fluency, and motivation in students who struggle with reading. Writing strategies and Common Core standards will be addressed. The course includes assessing and progress monitoring in order to determine the success of the interventions and strategies. This course requires a field experience.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: EDEX 142 [Min Grade: B] and EDEX 344 [Min Grade: B]

Elementary Education: Non-Certification BS

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Minor in Education Pennsylvania state certification. The following courses ( EDEX 368 [ WI ] , EDUC 123 , and EDUC 365...

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