Minor in Education

About the Minor

The minor in Education provides a structured academic opportunity for students who wish to add a fundamental understanding of the field of education as well as practical knowledge in the art and science of teaching and learning to their undergraduate experience.

Designed for students with a strong interest in education and training, the minor will not necessarily lead to the student being recommended for a state teaching certificate; however, should a student decide to also pursue a teaching certificate as a component of their major—or in post-baccalaureate work— the courses required for the minor are applicable to Pennsylvania state certification.

The following courses (EDEX 368 [WI] , EDUC 123, and EDUC 223) require stage 1-2 field experiences. Students must submit current clearances and the appropriate field placement application prior to registering for those courses. For more information regarding stage 1-2 field placements and obtaining clearances, please click on the Field Placement Office website.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
EDEX 142Special Education Foundations: Referral and Assessment3.0
EDEX 368 [WI] Literacy and Content Skill Development PK-123.0
EDLT 325Design for Learning with Digital Media3.0
or EDUC 308 Creating a Positive Classroom Climate
EDUC 101Foundations in Education I: A Historical and Philosophical Perspective3.0
or EDUC 316 Teaching in Urban Contexts
EDUC 120Child Development I: Typical Development3.0
or EDUC 123 Adolescent Development
or EDUC 223 Teaching the Middle School Child
EDUC 216Diversity and Today's Teacher3.0
EDUC 322Evaluation of Instruction3.0
or EDUC 306 Assessment of Young Children
EDUC 324Current Research in Curriculum & Instruction3.0
or EDUC 365 Foundations in Instructing English Language Learners
Total Credits24.0
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