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EDUC 123 Adolescent Development 3.0 Credits

This course addresses the complexities of adolescent development, through discussion of theories. It uses research-based, real-world, and cross-cultural examples. It aims to foster the student’s ability to recognize and apply connections among developmental domains, theory, and research with the field of human development. This course also fosters an understanding of the organizational structure of middle and high school programs as related to the diverse set of developmental, cultural, social, and emotional needs of the adolescent learner. This course requires additional field experience hours. This course has a Stage 1-2 field component. Successful completion of the course and field component is required for recommendation for certification.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Minor in Education

The minor in Education provides a structured academic opportunity for students who wish to add a fundamental understanding of the field of education as well as practical knowledge in the art and science of teaching and learning to their undergraduate experience.

Molecular & Cell Biology & Genetics PhD

...Semester Minimum Required Credits: 123.0 Classification of...program provides a broad education-training program for...

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