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EDUC 555 Social Studies Teaching Methods 3.0 Credits

Course prepares the preservice teacher in making appropriate decisions about students and instructional processes in the social studies classroom. Perceptions and perspectives as it relates to social studies instruction in the following areas are explored: curriculum standards, unit development, assessment design and construction, interdisciplinary/integrated curriculum planning, specific group strategies, individualizing techniques, instructional technology, and professional development.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Civil Engineering BSCIV / Civil Engineering MSCE

...of COOP 101 . ** General Education Requirements ? Must achieve...838 , CIVE 839 ENVE 555 , ENVE 727 , ENVE...


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Community Health and Prevention PhD

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Civil Engineering BSCIV / Environmental Engineering MSENE

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Environmental Engineering BS/MS

...of COOP 101 . ** General Education Requirements . *** Technical Electives...564 Environmental Modeling: ENVE 555 or ENVE 571...

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