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MATH 201 Linear Algebra 4.0 Credits

Systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, orthogonality, diagonalization, applications.

College/Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: MATH 121 [Min Grade: D] or MATH 117 [Min Grade: D]
Corequisite: EXAM 081

Minor in Actuarial Science

The minor in actuarial science is designed to provide students with the quantitative and analytical skills required to obtain an entry level position in the actuarial sciences profession. The coursework will help prepare students for the first two actuarial exams (probability and financial mathematics) and can be applied towards VEE (Validation by Education Experience) credit requirements from professional actuarial societies in the areas of Mathematical Statistics, Accounting and Finance, and Economics. Additional elective coursework will introduce students to appropriate statistical software or more advanced topics relevant to the actuarial sciences profession.

DragonsTeach Math Certification Minor

This minor can be coupled with a variety of STEM majors. It will provide an opportunity to explore STEM education and to develop core knowledge and practices in secondary STEM education. Successful STEM Education minor candidates will be prepared to apply for the PA Instructional I teaching certification as a secondary teacher (grades 7-12) in one or more STEM content areas. This minor includes coursework that meets the requirements to be recommended for teacher certification in PA.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

...201. ?? For Analysis, take either MATH 101 and MATH 102 , or MATH 172 and MATH...

Materials Science and Engineering

...Business Electives (GE): ECON 201 , ACCT 110 , OPM...based on that score. ++ MATH and PHYS sequences...


...fulfill humanities, social science, math, and science requirements...of a language through 201) in one language...

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics BSME / MS

...Algebra ( MATH 201 ), Differential Equations ( MATH 210 ), Foundations of Computer Aided Design ( MEM 201 ), Statics...

Biomedical Engineering

...professional setting Degree Requirements * MATH and PHYS sequences...for BMES 460 * PHYS 201 is a pre...

Minor in Nuclear Engineering

...include calculus ( MATH 121 - MATH 122...102 and PHYS 201 . In addition, CHEM...

Computer Engineering BSCE / Cybersecurity MS

...200 , ECE 201 , and ECEC 201 . Degree Requirements...based on that score. + MATH and PHYS sequences...

Elementary Education: Non-Certification

...years of high school math (algebra I and...375 , EDLT 101 , EDLT 201 , EDLT 238 , EDLT...

Catalog Supplement

...overall and in their math and science courses...sustainability. Fall 2023 ENTP 201 The Starter's...

Entertainment & Arts Management

...program with a combined Math and Critical Reading...students should take STAT 201 and FIN 301...

Minor in Merchandising

...research, competitive analysis, retail math, assortment planning, product...the Fashion Industry DSMR 201 Analysis of Product...

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