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NFS 100 Nutrition, Foods, and Health 2.0 Credits

Covers the six nutrient categories and how they function in the body. Includes nutritional implications of major diseases, food safety issues, and current food and nutrition controversies with an emphasis on personal health.

College/Department: College of Nursing Health Professions
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Health Sciences BS

...Sciences electives include HSCI or NFS courses at the 100-499 level. Up to two...

Interior Design BS

...PHEV, BIO, GEO, PHYS, CHEM, NFS (must take NFS 100 + NFS 101 to earn credit...

Chemical Engineering BSCHE / Chemical Engineering MSCHE

...MET, MGMT, MIS, MKTG, NFS, ORGB, OPM, SE...101 . *** Select from BIO 100 , BIO 101 , BIO...

Custom-Designed Major BS

...MATE, MEM, MET, MHT, NFS, PHEV, PHYS, SE, or SYSE. ++ Any 100-level course and...

Chemical Engineering BSCHE

...MET MGMT, MIS, MKTG, NFS, ORGB, OPM, SE...requirements ++ Select from BIO 100 , BIO 101 , BIO...

Minor in Nutrition

...take NFS 100 and NFS 101 will take 14 credits. Students who complete NFS 220...

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