Major: Dance
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BS)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 186.0
Co-op Options: One Co-op (Four years)
Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code: 50.0399
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 25-1121; 27-2031; 27-2032

About the Program

The dance program at Drexel University provides intensive exploration of dance in its physical, intellectual, creative and therapeutic aspects. The major is designed for students to focus on one of the following four tracks:

  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Dance in Education
  • Physical Therapy
  • Performance

The dance major at Drexel University has a unique curriculum design and focus. This program combines rigorous academic coursework with extensive stage and studio dance experiences to prepare students for four possible career paths within dance: dance/movement therapy, dance in education, physical therapy and performance. Students participating in this major will earn a BS degree in dance with an optional minor in psychology.

Students focused on dance/movement therapy will prepare for jobs as dance/movement therapists. These are psychological counselors working in a variety of settings including hospitals, out-patient clinics and residential treatment centers. Students pursuing this option will earn a BS degree in dance at the Westphal College, through the Department of Performing Arts, for the first four years of study. They will then have the option to continue on to two years of study in the College of Nursing and Health Professions to earn an MA in Creative Arts in Therapy and become a licensed dance therapist.

The second career focus, dance in education, prepares students for jobs as elementary school teachers (grades Pre-K through 4) who may also serve as school dance specialists. Students choosing this option will earn a BS degree in dance through the Department of Performing Arts and may elect to continue for a fifth year of study to earn an MS in the Teaching, Learning & Curriculum through the School of Education. Students who successfully complete the five year BS/MS option in education will then be recommended to the State for a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in the area of Elementary Education for Pre-K to 4 certification, general education.

The third career focus, physical therapy, prepares students to work as physical therapists in a variety of settings, including hospitals, treatment centers, schools, and private practice. Students interested in the physical therapy option will complete the four-year BS degree in dance, along with a series of recommended electives in the physical sciences. After completion of the BS degree, students will continue their education for an additional three years in the College of Nursing and Health Professions to earn a DPT and become a licensed physical therapist.

The fourth option, custom design, allows students to work closely with faculty to create a personalized career in dance. Many students in this focus select performance, which prepares them to work as performers and/or choreographers in a variety of settings. Students interested in the performance option will complete the four-year BS degree in dance, with an emphasis on collaborative and interdisciplinary work. 

The student who enters the dance major at Drexel University is an academically achieving student who has a deep curiosity for non-traditional careers in the field of dance. He or she is looking for extensive experiences to improve as a dancer, choreographer and performer while being stimulated academically. This student wants to study dance—-both physically and cognitively—in college while being offered the possibility of gainful employment after graduation.

Additional Information

For more information about this major, visit the Westphal College's Dance webpage.

Degree Requirements 

General Education Requirements
CIVC 101Introduction to Civic Engagement1.0
COOP 101Career Management and Professional Development1.0
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research3.0
or ENGL 111 English Composition I
ENGL 102Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing3.0
or ENGL 112 English Composition II
ENGL 103Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres3.0
or ENGL 113 English Composition III
MATH 171Introduction to Analysis A3.0
MATH 172Introduction to Analysis B3.0
PSY 101General Psychology I3.0
PSY 120Developmental Psychology3.0
PSY 240 [WI] Abnormal Psychology3.0
UNIV A101The Drexel Experience1.0
Two English (ENGL) electives6.0
One Art or Humanities elective3.0
Two Natural Science electives8.0
Free electives40.0
Dance Major Requirements
Foundation and Theory Requirements
ARTH 103History of Art III3.0
DANC 108Dance Improvisation I2.0
DANC 115Introduction to Dance3.0
DANC 116Dance and Fitness3.0
DANC 117Foundations of Somatic Theory and Practice3.0
DANC 135Rhythmic Study for Dance3.0
DANC 215Dance Appreciation3.0
DANC 216Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis3.0
DANC 221Survey of Dance and Movement Therapy3.0
DANC 222Dance Pedagogy3.0
DANC 235Dance Composition I3.0
DANC 315Twentieth Century Dance3.0
DANC 316Dance Kinesiology3.0
DANC 335Dance Composition II3.0
DANC 415Dance Aesthetics and Criticism3.0
DANC 481Senior Seminar in Dance1.0
DANC 491Senior Project in Dance *3.0
MUSC 331World Musics3.0
NFS 100
NFS 101
Nutrition, Foods, and Health
and Introduction to Nutrition & Food
THTR 240Theatre Production I3.0
Performance Requirements
DANC 131Dance Practicum in Performance **11.0
or DANC 133 Dance Practicum in Choreography
Technique Requirements
DANC 104Ballet Technique I ***4.0
DANC 105Modern Dance Technique I ***4.0
DANC 204Ballet Technique II 6.0
DANC 205Modern Dance Technique II 6.0
DANC 304Ballet Dance Technique III ***4.0
DANC 305Modern Dance Technique III ***4.0
Select two terms of one of the following:4.0
Jazz Dance Technique I ***
Hip-Hop Dance Technique I ***
African Dance Technique I ***
Select one of the following:2.0
Jazz Dance Technique II
Hip-Hop Dance Technique II
African Dance Technique II
Jazz Dance Technique III
Total Credits186.0

Optional Concentrations

Students may select one of the two following concentrations in the Dance BS, or they may elect not to undertake a concentration. The required courses in the concentration will count towards to the free electives to complete the major.  

Dance majors who wish to pursue the Physical Therapy track should expect to use all 8 credit hours of natural science elective and 40 free elective credit hours, plus an addition of 11.5 credit hours to fulfill the science course requirement.

Dance/Movement Therapy Concentration:

Concentration Requirements
PSY 212Physiological Psychology3.0
PSY 320 [WI] Educational Psychology3.0
PSY 330Cognitive Psychology3.0
PSY 342Counseling Psychology3.0
Two Additional Psychology Electives6.0
Total Credits18.0

Physical Therapy Concentration:

Concentration Requirements
BIO 131
BIO 134
Cells and Biomolecules
and Cells and Biomolecules Lab
BIO 132
BIO 135
Genetics and Evolution
and Genetics and Evolution Lab
BIO 133
BIO 136
Physiology and Ecology
and Anatomy and Ecology Lab
CHEM 101General Chemistry I3.5
CHEM 102General Chemistry II4.5
CHEM 103General Chemistry III5.0
HSCI 101Anatomy and Physiology I5.0
HSCI 102Anatomy and Physiology II5.0
HSCI 103Anatomy and Physiology III5.0
PHYS 152Introductory Physics I4.0
PHYS 153Introductory Physics II4.0
PHYS 154Introductory Physics III4.0
One of the following4.5
Statistics for Health Sciences
Advanced Statistics for the Health Sciences
Total Credits59.5

Writing-Intensive Course Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must pass three writing-intensive courses after their freshman year. Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major. The third can be in any discipline. Students are advised to take one writing-intensive class each year, beginning with the sophomore year, and to avoid “clustering” these courses near the end of their matriculation. Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate.

A "WI" next to a course in this catalog may indicate that this course can fulfill a writing-intensive requirement. For the most up-to-date list of writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Writing Intensive Course List at the University Writing Program. Students scheduling their courses can also conduct a search for courses with the attribute "WI" to bring up a list of all writing-intensive courses available that term.

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
DANC 1042.0CIVC 1011.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0VACATION
DANC 1052.0DANC 1052.0DANC 1042.0 
DANC 1163.0DANC 1173.0DANC 1153.0 
DANC 1311.0DANC 1311.0DANC 131 or 1331.0 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0DANC 1353.0PSY 1013.0 
MATH 1713.0ENGL 102 or 1123.0Free elective3.0 
NFS 1002.0MATH 1723.0Select one of the following:2.0 
NFS 1011.0  
UNIV A1011.0  
 18 16 17 0
Second Year
ARTH 1033.0COOP 101*1.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0
DANC 1082.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 2042.0DANC 2042.0
DANC 1311.0DANC 2213.0DANC 2052.0DANC 2153.0
DANC 2052.0DANC 2223.0MUSC 3313.0Arts & Humanities elective3.0
DANC 2163.0DANC 2353.0THTR 2403.0English (ENGL) elective3.0
PSY 2403.0PSY 1203.0Free Electives6.0Free elective3.0
 Select one of the following:2.0  
 14 16 17 15
Third Year
  DANC 2042.0DANC 3042.0
  DANC 2052.0DANC 3052.0
  DANC 3153.0DANC 3353.0
  DANC 3163.0Natural Science elective4.0
  DANC 4811.0Free electives6.0
  Select one of the following:2.0 
 0 0 14 18
Fourth Year
DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 4153.0 
DANC 3052.0DANC 4911.0DANC 4911.0 
DANC 4911.0DANC 3052.0English (ENGL) elective3.0 
Free electives6.0Natural Science elective4.0Free electives6.0 
Select two of the following:4.0Free electives6.0  
 14 14 13 
Total Credits 186

On Campus Full Time Students with Dance/Movement Therapy Concentration:

First Year
DANC 1042.0CIVC 1011.0DANC 1042.0VACATION
DANC 1052.0DANC 1052.0DANC 1153.0 
DANC 1163.0DANC 1173.0DANC 1311.0 
DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 1311.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0DANC 1353.0PSY 1013.0 
MATH 1713.0ENGL 102 or 1123.0Free elective3.0 
NFS 1002.0MATH 1723.0Select one of the following:2.0 
NFS 1011.0  
UNIV A1011.0  
 18 16 17 0
Second Year
ARTH 1033.0COOP 101*1.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0
DANC 1082.0DANC 1311.0DANC 2042.0DANC 2042.0
DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 221 or 1333.0DANC 2052.0DANC 2153.0
DANC 2052.0DANC 2223.0MUSC 3313.0ENGL Elective3.0
DANC 2163.0DANC 2353.0THTR 2403.0Arts & Humanities Elective3.0
PSY 2403.0PSY 1203.0PSY Elective3.0Free Elective3.0
 Select one of the following:2.0Free Elective3.0 
 14 16 17 15
Third Year
  DANC 2042.0DANC 3042.0
  DANC 2052.0DANC 3052.0
  DANC 315 or 3053.0DANC 3353.0
  DANC 3163.0Natural Science Elective4.0
  DANC 4811.0PSY Electives6.0
  Select one of the following:2.0 
 0 0 14 18
Fourth Year
DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 4153.0 
DANC 3052.0DANC 3052.0DANC 4911.0 
DANC 4911.0DANC 4911.0ENGL Elective3.0 
Free Elective3.0Natural Science Elective4.0Free Elective3.0 
PSY Elective3.0PSY Electives6.0PSY Elective3.0 
Select two of the following:4.0   
 14 14 13 
Total Credits 186

On campus Full Time students with Physical Therapy Concentration:

First Year
BIO 1314.0CIVC 1011.0BIO 1334.0VACATION
BIO 1341.0BIO 1324.0BIO 1361.0 
DANC 131 or 1331.0BIO 1351.0DANC 131 or 1331.0 
DANC 1042.0DANC 1052.0DANC 1042.0 
DANC 1052.0DANC 1173.0DANC 1153.0 
DANC 1163.0DANC 1353.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0ENGL 102 or 1123.0PSY 1013.0 
MATH 1713.0MATH 1723.0Select one of the following:2.0 
UNIV A1011.0  
 20 20 19 0
Second Year
DANC 131 or 1331.0COOP 101*1.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0
DANC 1082.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 2042.0DANC 2153.0
DANC 2042.0DANC 2052.0DANC 2052.0HSCI 3454.5
DANC 2163.0DANC 2213.0MUSC 3313.0ENGL Elective3.0
ARTH 1033.0DANC 2223.0THTR 2403.0Select one of the following:2.0
HSCI 1015.0DANC 2353.0HSCI 1035.0
PSY 2403.0HSCI 1025.0PSY 1203.0
 19 18 19 13.5
Third Year
  DANC 2042.0DANC 2052.0
  DANC 3153.0DANC 3353.0
  DANC 3163.0PHYS 1534.0
  DANC 4811.0Arts & Humanities Elective3.0
  PHYS 1524.0 
 0 0 14 13
Fourth Year
CHEM 1013.5CHEM 1024.5CHEM 1035.0 
DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0DANC 131 or 1331.0 
DANC 3042.0DANC 3042.0DANC 3052.0 
DANC 3052.0DANC 4911.0DANC 4153.0 
DANC 4911.0ENGL Elective3.0DANC 4911.0 
PHYS 1544.0Select one of the following:2.0  
 13.5 13.5 12 
Total Credits 194.5

Co-op/Career Opportunities

The dance major is designed for students to focus on one of four career options. Several of the tracks lead to graduate study at Drexel or may be completed at the end of four years. Each also includes a co-op experience that allows for extended interaction with professionals in dance therapy, physical therapy, education, and performance. Students wishing to change career focus throughout the course of the undergraduate curriculum will have the option to do so.

Students focusing on dance/movement therapy participate in a six month co-op experience during the spring and summer terms of their junior year. These students may participate in co-op with a practicing dance/movement therapist, community dance artist, or mental health professional in a mental health, social service, rehabilitation, medical, special education or community arts setting.

Students focusing on physical therapy, will participate in a six month co-op in which they work in a setting with a physical therapist, such as a hospital, treatment center, school, or private practice. Co-op experiences where students are able to work with physical therapists working on dancers as clients will be encouraged. 

Students focusing on dance in education participate in after school dance programs, artist in residence school partnerships and auditorium lecture demonstration programs as part of a touring dance company run by the dance program at Drexel, or other dance education focused activities in a school or studio setting, during the fall and winter of their junior year as their co-op experience.

Students focusing on custom design or performance may participate in a six month co-op including performance, administration, production, event planning and grant writing. Students interested in performance will work with professional choreographers to experience multiple aspects of creating a sustainable life in performance and/or choreography. 

Visit the Drexel Steinbright Career Development Center page for more detailed information on co-op and post-graduate opportunities.  

Dance Faculty

Lindsay Browning, BFA (Bradford University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Yoga
Jim Bunting, BFA (University of the Arts, Philadelphia). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Jazz dance.
Dinita Clark, BFA (University of the Arts). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Hip Hop dance
Antoinette Coward-Gilmore, MA (New York University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. African dance, modern dance.
Susan Deutsch Laban Movement Analysis
Clyde Evans Adjunct Assistant Professor. Director of Chosen Dance Company; hip-hop.
Chris Farrell, MBA (Fordham University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Rhythmic studies; accompaniment.
Brittany Fishel, MFA (University of Michigan). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Jazz Dance, Screen dance
Miriam Giguere, PhD (Temple University) Department Head, Performing Arts. Professor. Dance History, Aesthetic and Criticism of Dance. President of Pennsylvania Dance Education Organization
Blanca Huertas-Agnew, MFA (Jacksonville University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Ballet
Valerie Ifill, MFA (University of Oregon) Program Director, Dance; Director of the Youth Performance Exchange and Dornsife Dance . Assistant Teaching Professor. Intersections of dance and the community
Lucinda Lea, BA (Indiana University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Ballet.
Beth McNamara, MA (Hahnemann University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Board-Certified Dance/Movement Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Philadelphia
Jennifer Morley, MFA (Temple University). Associate Teaching Professor. Master Pilates instructor and director of the Drexel Pilates Teaching Training program; modern dance, choreography.
Sandra Parks, MFA (Smith College) Program Director. Assistant Teaching Professor. Choreography, Ballet and Modern dance; President of Women in Dance
Olive Prince, MFA (Temple University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Choreography, creative process and improvisation; Director of Olive Prince Dance.
Albert Quesada Adjunct Assistant Professor. Modern Dance
Meredith Rainey, MFA (University of the Arts). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Former soloist with Pennsylvania Ballet and director of Carbon Dance Theater. Ballet, choreography.
Lauren Stepanski, DPT (Drexel University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Dance kinesiology
Katie Vickers, BFA (The Ohio State University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Modern Dance
Kelvin Vu, BA (Yale University). Adjunct Assistant Professor. Modern Dance
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