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NFS 101 Introduction to Nutrition & Food 1.0 Credit

Provides basic understanding of required nutrients and how they are used in the body. Students complete a computerized nutrient analysis and apply the science of nutrition and food to food choices to improve their personal health.

College/Department: College of Nursing Health Professions
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Prerequisites: NFS 100 [Min Grade: C] (Can be taken Concurrently)


...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 CIVC 101...BIO), Chemistry (CHEM), Nutrition (NFS), Physics (PHYS), Geoscience...

Custom-Designed Major

...CIVC 101 1.0 VACATION ENGL 101 3...SYSE, ENSS, PHEV, or NFS. ++ Any 100-level...


...Select one of the following: 2.0 NFS 101 1.0 DANC 206 UNIV A101...

Health Sciences

...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 CIVC 101...electives include HSCI or NFS courses. Up to...

Interior Design

...PHEV, BIO, GEO, PHYS, CHEM, NFS (must take 100 + 101 to earn credit) + Select 6...

Political Science of COOP 101 . ** Any Biology (BIO), Chemisitry (CHEM), Geoscience (GEO), Nutrition (NFS), Physics (PHYS...

History BA / Law JD

...Credits ENGL 101 3.0 CIVC 101 1...CHEM), Geoscience (GEO), Nutrition (NFS), Physics (PHYS) or...

Political Science BA / Law JD

...CHEM), Geoscience (GEO), Nutrition (NFS), Physics (PHYS) or...Credits Summer Credits ENGL 101 or 111 3...

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