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PBHL 570 EMPH Capstone I 2.0 Credits

This course is the first of a 3 course sequence designed to fulfill the requirement that all Master of Public Health degree candidates have the opportunity, as described by the Council on Education for Public Health, “to synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in course work and other learning experiences and to apply theory and principles in a situation that approximates some aspect of professional practice”. In this course, students will learn the component tasks involved in case analysis, such as stakeholder analysis and the development of an action plan. Students will work in groups to analyze a case study of public health practice and policy, applying general and discipline-specific public health knowledge from their course work to the effective resolution of a public health problem.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Restrictions: Can enroll if major is PHEX.

Law / Health Management and Policy

...3.0 PBHL 500 0.0 PBHL 510...Credits Summer Credits EPI 570 3.0 BST...

Biostatistics PhD

...accredited school will take PBHL 501 . Sample Plan...Written Qualifying Exam EPI 570 3.0 BST...

MPH/MBA Joint Degree

...Credits EPI 570 3.0 BST 571 3.0 HMP 505 2.0 PBHL 500...

Population Health Science required to take PBHL 501 . Sample Plan...3.0 VACATION EPI 570 3.0 RCRG...

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