Minor in Jewish Studies

About the Minor

The Louis Stein Minor in Jewish Studies, housed within the College of Arts and Sciences, is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and understand the history, culture, politics, and religion of the Jewish people. Through interdisciplinary coursework, students investigate the Jewish experience from both a contemporary and a historical perspective.

The Louis Stein Minor in Jewish Studies requires 24.0 credits: 6.0-7.0 from required courses; and 17.0-18.0 from electives. Students can apply a maximum of 6.0 credits toward the minor from field study under the supervision of a faculty member.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
JWST 101Culture Ethnicity Religion3.0
Select one: *3.0
Jewish Literature and Civilization **
Jewish Life and Culture in the Middle Ages ***
Modern Jewish History
Minor electives18.0
Total Credits24.0

Please see the Program Director for approval of courses not on the list of suggested electives.
Suggested Electives:

  • Any JWST course
  • Any HBRW course*
  • ANTH 117 Introduction to World Religions
  • ANTH 217 Anthropology of Interfaith Relations
  • ANTH 270 Comparative Religious Ethics
  • ENGL 350 Jewish Literature and Civilization
  • HIST 249 Modern Jewish History
  • HIST 253 Jewish Life and Culture in the Middle Ages
  • HIST 260 Coexistence and Conflict: Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the Early Mediterranean
  • PHIL 291 Judaism and Christianity: Two Religions or One
  • PHIL 391 Philosophy of Religion
  • WGST 260 Gender and Judaism
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