Minor in Materials Science and Engineering

About the Minor

In addition to the core engineering curriculum and the courses required for majors in chemical, civil, architectural and environmental, electrical, or mechanical engineering, engineering students from other majors can complete a minor in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) by completing 25.0 credits from the courses listed below.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
MATE 230Fundamentals of Materials II4.0
Select six (at least 21.0 credits) of the following:21.0
Introduction to Polymers *
Thermodynamics of Materials
Kinetics of Materials
Advanced Materials Laboratory
Defects in Solids
Electronic and Photonic Properties of Materials
Structure and Characterization of Crystalline Materials
Mechanical Behavior of Solids **
Biomedical Materials
Total Credits25.0

MATE 214 requires CHEM 241 as a pre-requisite. If MATE 214 is elected, the credits for CHEM 241 can count toward the 21 credits.


MATE 370 requires MATH 201 as a pre-requisite. If MATE 370 is elected, the credits for MATH 201 can count toward the 21 credits.

Note: Only one of the pre-requisites (either MATH 201 or CHEM 241) can count toward the required 25.0 credits. In other words, both MATE 214 and MATE 370 can be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor, but only the pre-requisite for one of those courses will be counted toward the 25.0 credits required for the minor. Similarly, neither MATH 201 nor CHEM 241 can be counted alone as fulfilling the requirements for this minor. The credits for MATH 201 or CHEM 241 will only count toward the minor when the course(s) is/are taken as a pre-requisite for MATE 214 or MATE 370, respectively. Substitution for these courses by equivalent courses offered by other departments and/or institutions may be made with the approval of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering on a case-by-case basis. At least two-thirds of the content of a proposed substitute course must be the same as that of the course in the list above. It is imperative that students check each course carefully with respect to pre-requisites since some may be included in the list above and some may be from other departments. Courses taken outside of the MSE department as pre-requisites do not count towards the 25.0 credits required for the minor. They may, however, be used as technical or free electives in students’ home departments. Students pursuing the minor in Materials Science and Engineering are also encouraged to select a Senior Design topic that relates to the field of materials.

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