Thomas R. Kline School of Law

The Thomas R. Kline School of Law was established in 2006, building on the existing strengths of Drexel University in areas including experiential education and the fields of engineering, science, business, and health care.

Undergraduate courses offered through Kline School of Law provide students with a strong grounding in legal doctrine: helping them understand how laws and regulations are made, interpreted, and applied in legislatures, courthouses, administrative agencies, and communities. At the same time, we believe that law cannot be fully understood by studying doctrine alone or in the abstract. Our law courses are infused with multidisciplinary perspectives that help students develop a deeper, more critical understanding of the role law plays in our society and our world, and our programs are designed to be flexible so students can combine the study of law with a more traditional academic discipline.

The undergraduate study of law will help prepare students for employment and graduate education in areas from health care to human resources, and from social services to digital media: any field where familiarity with legal systems, processes, and regulations are a significant advantage. Students will gain both important theoretical grounding in law and legal theory along with a distinctly practical understanding of how statutes and laws regulate a variety of individual, societal, and institutional choices.



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