Minor in Health Data Analytics

About the Minor

The Dornsife School of Public Health trains new leaders to tackle society's current and future health challenges. The minor in Health Data Analytics prepares students to apply quantitative methods to a variety of real-world data analysis problems. Through their coursework, students will learn statistical analysis and computational skills necessary to handle complex data problems. Computing, data visualization, and scientific communication skills will be emphasized throughout the required courses, providing students with tools to serve as essential team members in a variety of data-driven research and industry settings.

This minor will be a relevant course of study for students pursuing majors in public health, pre-med, biomedical engineering, biological sciences, health sciences, business analytics, environmental science, and data science, as well as other data-driven scientific fields.

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate students with at least 30.0 credits
  • Students cannot pursue a major and a minor in the same field of study

Program Requirements

Required Courses
PBHL 210Biostatistics I *3.0-4.0
or PBHL 312 Public Health Data Analysis
PBHL 211Biostatistics II3.0
PBHL 335Applied Quantitative Research Methods3.0
PBHL 340Advanced Biostatistical Analysis3.0
Electives **12.0
Introduction to Clinical Research
Epidemiology in Public Health
The U.S. Public Health System
Burden of Disease
Public Health Biology
The Social Determinants of Health and Well-Being
Environmental and Occupational Health
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Introduction to Statistical Computing
Survival Data Analysis
Total Credits24.0-25.0

PBHL 210 is a 4-credit course and PBHL 312 is a 3-credit course. Students who complete PBHL 210 will take 25 credits to complete the minor. Students who complete PBHL 312 will take 24 credits to complete the minor.


Note: Some electives have prerequisites, which can be found in the catalog. Additional courses may count towards the elective requirement with minor director approval.

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