Post-Bachelor's Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavior analysis is a widely accepted and validated scientific approach to the description and investigation of the environmental arrangements that occasion behavior. More than 60 years of research with proven methods and impressive findings has helped develop the technology now called applied behavior analysis. Over the past five decades, behavior analytic clinical and research advances have led to significant contributions in education programming, and mental health and behavioral health therapies.

The post bachelor's certificate in applied behavior analysis is designed to prepare clinical and educational leaders in the field of evidence-based interventions using behavior analytic theory and techniques. Leaders from this program will be highly successful candidates for institutions searching for knowledgeable and skilled behavior analytic consultants, program coordinators, senior clinical directors and interventionists.

Core Applied Behavior Analysis Courses
EDEX 551Pervasive Developmental Disorders4.5
EDEX 630Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change4.5
EDEX 631Measurement and Experimental Design4.5
EDEX 632Behavioral Assessment and Functional Analysis4.5
EDEX 633Behavioral Interventions4.5
EDEX 634Consultation, Systems Change and Supervision4.5
EDEX 635Ethical Considerations and Professional Conduct4.5
Total Credits31.5
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