The School of Education

The School of Education seeks to enrich knowledge and practice related to lifespan learning, based on the most current and appropriate research and practice. The School's goal is to improve human understanding through programs and activities that emphasize creative uses of human effort, technology, leadership, and problem solving.

This department offers an extensive and comprehensive array of diverse graduate, doctoral, and certificate programs that encompass all aspects of the educational field. These programs prepare non-traditional students for a variety of careers in human resource development, higher education, global and international education, learning technologies, educational administration, policy and leadership. 

The School also offers Pennsylvania Department of Education-approved programs to certify students who already hold bachelor’s degrees to be teachers in elementary education (grades PreK-4 with an emphasis on mathematics, science, and technology), secondary education (in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, English, general science, mathematics, physics or social studies), and K-12 (environmental education,instructional technology specialist, and library science). Special education, teaching English as a second language, principal and superintendent certifications are also available. Individuals who complete the minimum requirements receive a PA Instructional I teaching certificate and have the option to continue coursework to fulfill requirements in the graduate Science of Instruction or teaching learning and curriculum (initial certification track) master’s degree programs.

Other master’s degree programs are also available to those who already have teacher certification and/or do not wish to obtain a teaching certificate. Students who would like to pursue the teaching English as a second language, special education, principal or superintendent certification must already have Pennsylvania Instructional I certification, satisfactory professional school experience on a state-issued certificate appropriate for the assignment, or appropriate equivalent.

Resource Centers

The centers at the School of Education represent a variety of educational, professional, and public service divisions. Each distinct entity provides programming, services and, resources designed to creatively meet your individual needs.

The Center for the Prevention of School-Aged Violence promotes public awareness about the need for youth-focused, evidence-based efforts aimed at preventing youth violence and the social and cognitive skills young people need to prevent violence on their own.

The Evaluation Research Network is a community of experienced researchers, committed to developing and implementing effective strategies and technologies for assessing and evaluating instruction and educational programs.

The Math Forum is the leading online resource for improving math learning, teaching, and communications since 1992.

The Torrance Center for Creative Studies was established as an outgrowth of the research of E. Paul Torrance, internationally renowned authority on creativity. The Center’s primary purpose is the identification and nurturance of creative potential. For more information, please call Dr. Fredricka Reisman at 215.895.6771 or email

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