Post-Bachelor's Certificate in Special Education Leadership

The Post-Bachelor's Certificate in Special Education Leadership program is designed to produce educators who are equipped with the advanced skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary to lead programs that meet the needs of students at risk for and with disabilities in multiple settings.

The program requires 16.0 credits of special education leadership courses and 12.0 credits of leadership core courses (for a total of 28.0 credits). The courses in the leadership core focus on areas of change, finance, evaluation and assessment, and technology. Students must complete all courses for recommendation for the PA certification in the Supervisor of Special Education. 

Leadership Core Courses
EDAM 522Evaluation & Assessment Competencies3.0
EDUC 708Integration of Technology with School Instruction and Management3.0
EDUC 710School Finance and Facilities3.0
EDUC 800Educational Leadership & Change3.0
Special Education Leadership Concentration Courses
EDEX 710School Law & Policy in Special Education3.0
EDEX 712Instructional & Curriculum Leadership in Special Education3.0
EDEX 714Development, Supervision, & Support: Special Education Leadership3.0
EDEX 716Organization & Administration of Special Education3.0
EDEX 721Supervisor of Special Education Internship: Special Education Leadership1.0
EDEX 722Supervisor of Special Education Internship: Instructional Leadership1.0
EDEX 723Supervisor of Special Education Internship: Collaboration & Personnel1.0
EDEX 724Supervisor of Special Education Internship: Finance & Management1.0
Total Credits28.0

Additional Information

For more information about this program, contact the program manager:

Owen C. Schugsta
School of Education
Goodwin College
Drexel University

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