Graduate Minor in Creativity and Innovation

About the Graduate Minor

The Creativity & Innovation Graduate Minor seeks to provide the fundamental creative problem-solving content and competencies that are indicative of creative leaders. The graduate minor is designed to provide knowledge of the major creativity theories that will enhance a student's latent creative strengths and foster their ability to apply creativity in the workplace.

In a world of increasing complexity, change, and competition, generating new ideas and bringing them to the table is now essential for any successful organization. Creativity is multidisciplinary – it is in all professional fields from chemistry to engineering, from education to computer science, and from sociology to business. The graduate minor in Creativity & Innovation provides managers and employees with the awareness and creativity skills distinguishes managers who maintain the status quo from leaders who inspire a new direction or vision. By internalizing the spirit of creativity and the principles of creative problem solving, individuals can be transformed into change leaders.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue the Creativity & Innovation (C&I) Graduate Minor must:

  • be a Drexel University graduate student in good standing
  • successfully complete an interview with the School of Education's C&I Program Manager
  • complete the Graduate College's Change of Curriculum and Status Form

Program Requirements

Required courses
CRTV 501Foundations in Creativity3.0
CRTV 502Tools and Techniques in Creativity3.0
CRTV 503Creativity in the Workplace3.0
CRTV 610Creativity and Change Leadership3.0
Total Credits12.0
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