Graduate Minor in Public Health Emergency Preparedness

About the Graduate Minor

Graduate minors are open to all Drexel graduate students in all schools and colleges. The graduate minors are designed to complement student’s training by providing basic knowledge in topics outside their primary discipline.

The minor in Public Health Emergency Preparedness is designed for graduate students in Public Health and across the University who are interested in gaining knowledge and skills in the public health aspects of preparedness and response to emergencies that impact the health of communities. Students are required to take two core courses and two electives. Through this structured curriculum, students will gain public health preparedness competencies. The minor is intended to prepare students for work in emergency and disaster preparedness positions in government, health care, and non-profit organizations.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate Minor in Public Health Emergency Preparedness is open to current Drexel Graduate students.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
EOH 648Public Health and Disaster Preparedness3.0
EOH 658Crisis and Risk Communication in Public Health 3.0
Choose two of the following courses.
Public Health Ethics
Strategic Social Media Communication
Injury Prevention and Control
Evidence Evaluation for Identification of Environmental Hazards
Environmental and Occupational Health Policy
Environmental Health in Vulnerable Populations
Microbes and Public Health Practice
Public Health Impacts of Global Climate Change
Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Disease Outbreak Investigations
Legal Aspects of Public Health
Healthcare Planning Principles and Practice
Public Health Leadership
Introduction to GIS for Public Health
Principles of Cybersecurity
Perspectives on Information Systems
Healthcare Informatics
Information Ethics
Information Policy and Ethics
Public Health Informatics
Total Credits12.0

Additional Information

For additional information about this graduate minor, contact:

Kristi LeBlanc, MSEd
Senior Program Manager
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health

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