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CS 171 Computer Programming I 3.0 Credits

Introduces fundamental concepts of computing including memory, instructions, function calls, and activation records. Covers fundamentals of structured computer programming in the language of instruction: variables, input and output, expressions, assignment statements, conditionals and branching, subprograms, parameter passing, repetition, arrays, top-down design, testing, and debugging.

College/Department: College of Computing and Informatics
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit
Corequisite: EXAM 080

Software Engineering

...Career Management and Professional Development 0.0 CS 171 or 175 Computer Programming I Advanced...


...concentration in Mathematical Economics should select CS 171 over CS 150 ** Students who take the...

Data Science

...101 Introduction to Civic Engagement 1.0 CS 171 Computer Programming I 3.0 ENGL...

Information Systems

...Information Systems 3.0 INFO 152 or CS 171 Web Systems and Services II Computer...

Minor in Computer Engineering

...would include ECE 105 , ECE 203 , or CS 171 . Courses taken to meet these requirements...

Digital Media BS/MS

...4 ANIM 211 Animation I 3.0 CS 171 Computer Programming I 3.0 DIGM...

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