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PBHL 500 Practical Experience for the Master of Public Health 0.0 Credits

All graduate professional public health degree students must develop skills in basic public health concepts and demonstrate the application of these concepts through a practice experience that is relevant to students’ areas of specialization. “Practice” refers to the implementing (doing) of public health rather than the understanding (researching) of public health. The Practical Experience will give students both a breadth of experiences to expand their knowledge and exposure to public health broadly, and a depth of experience and skill in an area closely related to their academic and professional goals.

College/Department: Dornsife School of Public Health
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

MPH/MBA Joint Degree

...0 Winter HMP 500 Health Management and Policy I 3.0 PBHL 511 Public Health...

Law (JD) / Public Health (MPH)

...Year Fall HMP 500 Health Management and Policy I 3.0 PBHL 510 Public Health...

Global Studies BA / Public Health MPH

...0 Term Credits 15.0 Term 13 PBHL 500 Practical Experience for the Master of...

Graduate Minor in Infectious Disease

...more information. Prerequisite Requirements PBHL 512 and PBHL 513 or EPI 500 and EPI 501...

Community Health and Prevention PhD

...and Prevention 1.0 PBHL 501 * Introduction to...Prevention 1.0 EPI 500 Introduction to Epidemiology...

Health Services Research and Policy MS

...Term 1 Credits EPI 500 Introduction to Epidemiology...9.0 Term 4 PBHL 501 Introduction to...

Population Health Science

...A personal essay (300-500 words) describing interest...for Investigators 2.0 PBHL 501 Introduction to...

Service to Veterans

...Program Requirements * Select 6.0 credits of PBHL 500 level or higher. Prior departmental approval...

Public Health MD/MPH

...Year Fall EPI 500 Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics I 3.0 PBHL 525 MD...

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