Minor in Biological Sciences

About the Minor

The minor in biological sciences is designed for students who wish to become acquainted with the life sciences while pursuing a major in another area. This option should be particularly useful for students majoring in areas such as chemistry, engineering, physics, or psychology who are interested in admission to medical schools or graduate programs. Students interested in the minor should consult with an academic advisor in the department for help with course selections.

Required Courses *
BIO 122Cells and Genetics4.5
BIO 124Evolution & Organismal Diversity4.5
BIO 126Physiology and Ecology4.5
BIO 218Principles of Molecular Biology4.0
or BIO 209 Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology I
BIO 224Form, Function & Evolution of Vertebrates4.0
or BIO 201 Human Physiology I
Total Credits24.5
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