Minor in STEM Education

This minor, which can be coupled with a variety of STEM majors and students pursuing the DragonsTeach program, will provide an opportunity for STEM majors to explore STEM Education, and to develop core knowledge and practices in secondary STEM Education. Successful STEM minor students may build upon the minor's course work to readily complete course work leading to recommendation for PA teaching certification as a secondary teacher (grades 7-12) in one or more STEM content areas. Additional course work includes for teacher certification includes Student Teaching and required special education and English language learner courses (an additional 3 courses + student teaching).

Introductory Courses
ESTM 201DragonsTeach: Step 11.5
ESTM 210DragonsTeach: Step 21.5
STEM Education Core Courses
ESTM 301Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science3.0
ESTM 302Classroom Interactions3.0
ESTM 303Research and Practice in Science and Mathematics Education3.0
ESTM 350Problem-Based Instruction4.0
EDUC 428Cultural and Historical Significance of Mathematics *3.0-4.0
or HIST 288 History of Science: Medieval to Enlightenment
STEM Research Methods
ESTM 380Research Methods **3.0
Special Education Courses
Select one of the following:
Special Education Foundations: Referral and Assessment
Inclusionary Practices for Exceptional Students
Instructing English Language Learners
Total Credits22.0-23.0

Math majors should take EDUC 428 and Science majors should take HIST 288.


A Research/Methods/Design course from the student's home department may be substituted with consultation from the DragonsTeach advisor.

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