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The rapid advances and evolving challenges in our world necessitate engineers who can think broadly, adjust quickly and act decisively. That’s why our focus at Drexel University is empowering students to engineer change – in their lives and through their careers – by emphasizing a balance of theory and practical experience.

Since the beginning more than 130 years ago, engineering has been the cornerstone of Drexel University. Today, the college is home to some of the top-ranked engineering programs. Within the College of Engineering departments, faculty and staff work to conduct theoretical and applied research while the relevant, challenging and high quality academics are taught by accomplished faculty and leaders in their fields from all over the world. College curricula are grounded in foundational principles and practices while providing opportunities to explore emerging topics in the disciplines.

As a comprehensive, global institution our programs equip students with the tools to advance in the profession and follow a trajectory towards making an impact. As an engineering student at the college you will learn to find sustainable and achievable outcomes to address society’s biggest challenges while making them relevant to your career goals. Master’s and certificate programs offer education that propels careers forward as an expert in the field and doctoral programs have students learning at a R1 designated institution alongside world-renowned faculty.

About Graduate Co-op

Drexel University’s long tradition in the field of experiential learning has now been extended into many of its master’s programs in science, business, and engineering.

This option, called the Graduate Co-op Program (GCP), provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience directly related to their career goals. Graduate co-op is typically a three to six-month engagement with an employer. Students generally get paid for their work ranging from 20-40 hours per week. You will seek your position opportunities with the resources and connections available through our Steinbright Career Development Center.  It is important to note that the GCP program does not guarantee a job. It is a market-driven process for the candidates as well as employers. GCP provides the tools and contacts; the student must qualify for the job on the basis of merit, qualifications, and skills.

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