Graduate Minor in Retail and Merchandising

About the Graduate Minor

The minor in Retail and Merchandising has been developed to provide graduate students at Drexel University, regardless of program/college, with an understanding of the diverse retail industry and nimbleness in retail principles, merchandise management, customer relations, strategic planning, product analysis, and advanced problem-solving to further academic and career goals.

Admission Requirements

Open to current Drexel graduate students.

For more information about this minor, please visit the Westphal minors web page.

Program Requirements

RMER 500Retail Merchandising3.0
RMER 520Retail: Social and Cultural Issues3.0
Choose any two from the following list:6.0
Omni-Channel Product Promotion & Retail Analytics
Brand Management & Intellectual Property
Merchandising Technologies
Retail Supply Chain Analysis
Total Credits12.0
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