American Legal Practice LLM

Major: American Legal Practice
Degree Awarded: Master of Laws (LLM)
Calendar Type: Semester
Total Credit Hours: 25.0
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 22.0101
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code:

About the Program

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in American Legal Practice is designed for students who have completed, at a minimum, an LL.B. or its equivalent outside of the United States. The LL.M. provides these students with a sophisticated knowledge of US legal practice and grounds them in a basic understanding of US law.

Students may choose to pursue the optional New York Bar concentration within the LL.M., which creates a formal pathway of the courses required for foreign-trained attorneys to be eligible to sit for the New York bar examination, and requires 9.0 additional credits.

Additional Information

More information about the Thomas R. Kline School of Law is available on the school's website.

Admission Requirements

Students must have an earned Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) or its equivalent. Admissions will be based on applicant grades from their prior institutions. No entry exam is required, except that students who have completed their first law degree program in a language other than English will be required to have a minimum score on the TOEFL or a comparable exam.

Degree Requirements

To earn the general LL.M., students must successfully complete 25.0 semester credits. There are no distribution requirements. Every student will receive individualized academic counseling and the student's individual program of study will be set up in consultation with an advisor.

New York Bar Concentration Requirements

Students opting to follow the New York Bar concentration within the LL.M. must complete a minimum of 33.0 semester credits and follow the course plan as described. In addition to the required courses, students are also required to complete 50 hours of certified pro bono work to fulfill the New York Bar Concentration, per state eligibility requirements.

General LLM without concentration

The American Legal Practice LLM requires 24.0 credits, selected in consultation with the faculty advisor. While the LLM in American Legal Practice has no specific course requirements, the Director of International Student Programs may require students to complete LAW 970S, Introduction to United States Legal Systems, as part of the 24.0 total credits.

LAW Courses chosen with advisor24.0
Total Credits24.0

LLM with New York Bar Concentration

For students intending to take the New York State bar exam, a total of 33 credits is required, consisting of the following courses and additional electives as needed:

Core Courses
LAW 565SLegal Methods I3.0
LAW 566SLegal Methods II3.0
or LAW 884S Contract Drafting
LAW 830SProfessional Responsibility2.0-3.0
LAW 887SAdvanced Legal Analysis and Bar Skills3.0
LAW 970SIntroduction to United States Legal Systems3.0
One course designated as "Statutory"2.0-4.0
At least 6.0 credits from the following menu:6.0
Civil Procedure
Criminal Law
Constitutional Law
Criminal Procedure: Investigations
One Experiential course & Seminar from the following menu:5.0-12.0
Entrepreneurial Law Clinic
Field Practicum
and Lawyering Practice Seminar
Law Co-op
and Lawyering Practice Seminar
Co-op Intensive
and Lawyering Practice Seminar
Criminal Litigation Clinic I
and Criminal Litigation Clinic II
Civil Litigation Clinic I
and Civil Litigation Clinic II
Federal Litigation and Appeals Clinic
and Federal Litigation and Appeals Clinic II
Community Lawyering Clinic I
and Community Lawyering Clinic II
Additional electives as needed *6.0-0.0
Total Credits33.0-37.0

Students are required to complete a minimum of 33.0 credits to earn the concentration. Students will need to take as many elective credits as necessary to get to 33.0 total credits based on the courses they choose to fulfill the other requirements.

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