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EHRD 500 Foundations of Human Resources Development 3.0 Credits

Introduces HRD as a professional field of practice, places HRD within the context of the contemporary workplace, presents theories, paradigms, and issues in the field; introduces the concept of a learning organization and the HRD practitioner as a change agent.

College/Department: School of Education
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

...0 graduate elective credits (500-799) in EDUC, EDEX, EDGI, EDAM, EHRD, EDHE, ENTP, CRTV...

Educational Leadership and Management

...substitute course will be identified to replace EHRD 500 for students who have already earned...

Certificate in Education Policy

...Program Requirements * Select any 500+ level course in...EDLS, ELDT, EDPO, EDUC, EHRD, ELL, MTED, SCL...

Education PhD

...any 500+ level course in the following areas: ABA, CRTV, EDAM, EDPO, EDGI, EDHE, EHRD...

Biomedical Engineering BS / Biomedical Engineering MS

...CULA, ENTP, CRTV, EDLT, EHRD. + STEM electives include...may include graduate-level (500 level and above...

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