Minor in Global Engineering

About the Minor

Engineering is a critical component of our increasingly connected and complex global economy. Whether developing sanitation systems in Nigeria for Engineers Without Borders, or managing engineering projects for a multinational company, understanding how to get things done in an international context is critical for today's engineers.

The Minor in Global Engineering is designed for engineers who plan to use their technical expertise in an international context. The coursework prepares students to become global citizens who are skilled and adaptive in meeting the challenges of a global work environment. The minor develops students' historical, political, and cultural awareness at a global level. It also provides students with the necessary knowledge of international business in order to succeed in the global economy.

In addition to the required coursework, students must successfully complete an experience abroad prior to graduation. Experiences other than approved Study Abroad or Co-op Abroad programs must receive prior approval from the College of Engineering Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs.

Foreign language

Foreign language is not required for the Minor in Global Engineering, but it may be required as a prerequisite to a student's experience abroad. In addition, a student can choose to apply as many as eight (8.0) credits of 200-level or higher foreign language toward the credit requirements for the minor.


Currently, only students enrolled in the College of Engineering or the School of Biomedical Engineering, Science and Health Systems can enroll in this minor.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
ENGR 280Introduction to Global Engineering2.0
EGMT 350Conflict Management for Engineers3.0
EGMT 465Introduction to Systems Engineering3.0
PROJ 401Introduction to Project Management3.0
PROJ 435Essentials of International Project Management3.0
Select three of the following (a minimum of one course from each of the three categories):10.0
International Business
International Business Law
Economic Development *
Special Topics in EGMT
International Business
Multinational Corporations *
International Trade *
International Money and Finance *
Political Science/History
Global History of Engineering
Comparative Politics I
International Politics
The United Nations in World Politics
Ethics and International Relations
International Human Rights
Culture and Communications
Strategic International Communication
Development and Underdevelopment in the Global South
Global Ethical Issues **
Women and Society in a Global Context
Total Credits24.0

Require ECON 201 and ECON 202 as pre-requisites.


Requires PHIL 105 as a prerequisite.

Note: Students may petition the Engineering Management Department Head for permission to apply other courses they believe relevant to the Minor in Global Engineering toward their credit requirements. Such requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

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