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ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics 4.0 Credits

What is produced in an economy? How is it produced? Who gets the product? When do markets succeed or fail? To answer these and many other fundamental questions related to the real-world behavior of consumers and firms, this course will teach you how to think like an economist. It will introduce you to economics and microeconomic theory with an emphasis on policy and empirical applications. You will develop skills, insights, and working knowledge of economics that are crucial for successful decisions by consumers, business executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and global leaders.

College/Department: LeBow College of Business
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Materials Science and Engineering of the approved Business Electives (GE): ECON 201 , ACCT 110 , OPM 200 , ORGB 300...

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

...Recommended electives: ECON 301 and ECON 321 . Writing...must take 103 and 201. ?? For Analysis, take...

Minor in Global Engineering this minor. Program Requirements * Require ECON 201 and ECON 202 as pre-requisites. ** Requires...

Entertainment & Arts Management AFAS, ANTH, CJS, ECON, ENSS, ENVS 260...students should take STAT 201 and FIN 301...

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