Minor in Food Science

About the Minor

The minor in Food Science is designed for students interested in applying the basic sciences to the world's largest industry. The minor should be especially attractive to students in chemistry, chemical engineering, nutrition, and biological sciences as it provides a background for excellent employment and post-baccalaureate study opportunities in areas closely allied to their basic disciplines.

The minor consists of 25.0 credits. Interested students should consult with a culinary science faculty member to schedule courses appropriate for their background and goals.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
FDSC 154Science of Food and Cooking4.0
FDSC 270Microbial Food Safety and Sanitation4.0
FDSC 350Experimental Foods: Product Development3.0
FDSC 450Food Microbiology3.0
FDSC 451Food Microbiology Laboratory2.0
FDSC 456Food Preservation Processes3.0
FDSC 460Food Chemistry3.0
FDSC 461Food Analysis3.0
Total Credits25.0
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