Certificate in Entrepreneurship

About the Program

Only available to currently enrolled Drexel students.

The certificate in Entrepreneurship is for students who would like to expand the scope of their undergraduate Drexel degree by also developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. This certificate will help you learn to evaluate and pursue opportunities and, most importantly, realize your passions by either starting a company, being innovative in an organization, or navigating your career. By building your entrepreneurial skills and helping you assemble the tools that you need to succeed, the certificate in Entrepreneurship equips you to achieve your life and career aspirations in an ever-changing employment landscape.

Open to Drexel students from all schools and colleges in all majors (with the exception of Close School majors) who have completed 15.0 credits.

Program Requirements

Required courses
ENTP 105Entrepreneurial Thinking3.0
ENTP 205Ready, Set, Fail3.0
ENTP 440Launch It!: Early Stage *3.0
Choose two courses from the following:6.0
Building Entrepreneurial Teams
Social Entrepreneurship
Organizational Development and Change for Corporate Entrepreneurs
Total Credits15.0

Taken as a final course in certificate program after completion of all other course requirements.

Additional Information

For more information about the certificate in Entrepreneurship, please contact Justin Fithian at jmf465@drexel.edu.